Relax Your Feet At Night

Have you ever wondered why your feet get tired when you return from a hard day’s work? Have you ever wanted to know how you could relax your fatigued feet only to make it possible for them to face a new day with a smile? Yes, it is true that feet get tired for the sheer reason that they carry your weight every day.

When you have had a rough day and reckon your feet are tired, it is about time you gave yourself a relaxing dip. It isn’t arduous to help relax your tired feet at all. All you need for the same is a bucket of water, some rock salt and a little olive oil if you think you need it. Now take all the aforementioned ingredients and mix well in a bucket. Make sure that the water is nice and warm so that your feet feel nice and comfy when they are dipped in it.

The salt in the water has tremendous pain relieving powers due to which, your feet begin to get rid of all the pain from the moment they are dipped in the concoction. The olive oil makes the skin on your feet soft and smooth. You might even apply some cream on your feet in case you do not have access to olive oil at all.

At the end of the exercise you will notice that your entire body feels rejuvenated and fresh making you all set to face the coming week. It is imperative to relax your feet if you are working every day for it also calms your senses and mind in the bargain. If your mind is cool, so will you be which is why relaxing your feet and body is a must under any circumstance.

You might even try using jasmine for a change. Putting a few drops of jasmine or lavender oil in your warm water will give your feet a peppy feel. You will love the smell and within no time you will be back on your feet again. So begin relaxing your feet and see the difference that it makes.

Aditi Sharma

I am a commerce graduate from the Nagpur university and an MBA in human resourse development from Symbiosis Pune. I started my Career with G E Capital International services Gurgaon where I worked as operations executive after which I worked as the Assist HR Manager for one of the major technical call centers of AIRTEL located in Amritsar, India called “Kochar Infotech.” Hence that, I worked as a primary teacher in the St Francis Convent Amritsar, Punjab. Currently I am working as a, content, academic, web content, blog, synopsis and review writer online. I have also written for Woman’s era and Femina in the past. Apart from that, I also did an article for a Hindustan Times Supplement called, “Doon Plus”, which is circulated only in Dehradun, India. I love adventure sport activities, reading, writing and music. Looking forward to a long term association with you! Thanks