Relax Your Body With Cold Baths And Body Packs

Relax Your Body Have you ever thought of chilling down this summer no, never? Then think about it. Just thinking of ice or water makes you feel cool during summers so what if we find out some easy ways at home to keep our body cool with the help of water. Generally we always talk about tanning on face, facial skin dullness, and face packs and do we ever think that by just keeping our face cool can the whole body stay cool.

Moreover summers do not affect and heat up the face only. It is right that face skin being most delicate gets affected easily but the whole body also suffers during summers like the head feels heavy and head ache is there continuously, eyes feel the burning sensation, indigestion in the stomach and too much of tiredness makes us feel lethargic all the time. All these problems together make us feel irritated all the time and we are not able to concentrate on our work and feel bugged up all the time.

One stop solution for all these problems is Aqua Treatment which you can either take at home or go to the best spa and juts relax with this treatment. Aqua treatment is the best treatment in summers where the healing and the cooling property of water are used to cure most of the summer related problems. It is also called Hydrotherapy because here the treatment is done with the help of water.

It has special treatments which also help in ailing body aches, tooth ache and cures the problem of low blood pressure too. OS we can say that hydrotherapy is one such stop shop where you can get treated for not just summer heat but many more body treatments can be done. SO let us check out what all aqua therapies we have and how they are beneficial for us.


Cold Spinal Bath

This is a very relaxing therapy which can be done easily at home, what you need is just a bath tub and water. In this therapy you just need to lie down in bath tub and keep your legs pout of the bath tub. Just keep on lying in the bath tub for 15-45 minutes and just stay relaxed and if needed lie down keeping your eyes closed. Now get out of the tub and wash your head in the end. This cold spinal bath helps in improving our blood circulation of the whole body and this is not the only benefit of this bath, it also shows nice and soothing effect on our nervous system because the spine remains dipped in cold water for quite some time.

Hip Bath

It is the bath which will remind you of your child hood. Just fill half tub with cold water and just sit in that tub by crossing your legs or as you sit for any yoga asana pose sit in that manner. Now take a small towel and massage your stomach by rubbing it from one end of your tummy to the other end. Do not do it roughly use light strokes to rub the towel from one end to the other. This will help in reducing the heat generated in the stomach and will improve your digestion too.


Cold Pack

Take a soft cloth which is thick and make it wet by dipping it in cold water. Now wrap this cloth around your stomach. Now on top of this cold cloth wrap, you can also wrap a warm cloth. This way the cold cloth around your stomach will absorb all the heat of your body and become warm on its own. Now remove the wrapped clothes after 30-40 minutes. This helps in curing diseases like loose motion and constipation too. Not only this since the body heat is taken away by the cloth any uneasiness in the stomach or stomach ache is also relieved due to this cold pack.

Head Pack.

If you experience head ache co0ntinuously during summers then keep a cold water soaked cloth on your head or rather keep it on your fore head and tie a strip of cloth around your head. It might look a bit awkward if you see it but you will certainly feel r55elaxed by doing this. But in few minutes your head will start cooling and this will help in curing the head ache and your will feel relieved too.

Eye Pack

If you are feeling irritation or burning sensation in your eyes then grate some cucumber or raw potato and put it in gauge or in a very fine cloth and make small bags out of it and out them in freezer for few minutes now keep them on your eyes and stay relaxed . You can sleep for few minutes to relax your eyes totally. As the cucumber juice will start reaching your eyes they will start feeling the coolness of the juice and all the burning will just go off in minutes.

You can also keep strips soaked in rose water on your eyes. This is also an effective cooling technique for the eyes. If you use this eye pack once in a day this will keep your eyes cool for the whole day. This method of cooling with rose water can also be used if you have rashes due to heat on your face or any other body part. Rose water helps in reducing the warmth generated in the affected area and thus the rashes go away quickly, making our skin cool and relaxed.

Thus by using these effective cooling techniques in summer we can easily stay cool and there is no need to spend your precious money all the time in spas. These easy cooling tips for the whole body will keep you cool from head to toes without much investment from your pocket. Stay cool with these aqua treatments and heal your body too with help of these water based treatments. These homemade baths and packs for the whole body will keep your mind and body both cool this summer.

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