Rejuvenate Your Skin With Right Nutrients

Right Nutrients The skin is a strong indicator of your health. Oily or dry skin, inflammation, acne and wrinkles are the sings of bad internal health, which is brought up by the intake of unhealthy foods as well as avoiding healthy nutrients. Your skin is actually the finger point of the things that is going inside the body and the skin conditions starting from psoriasis, acne to aging all indicate your inner health.

These are the manifestations of human body’s inner needs including the needs of nutrients. Therefore, right nutrients are important for your skin care. While taking skin care, lots of people go for topical cosmetics such as toners, lotions, creams, soaps and scrubs. However, just by treating the outer skin by expensive cosmetic products only does little effect on the problem. Taking poor nutrition as well as exposure to harmful toxins can result in poor skin. There are number of skin care products which promises to rejuvenate your skin but without right nutrients it is not possible.

Why Right Nutrients Is Important For Skin Care?

Right nutrients are important for the skin care, so that your skin looks healthy and shining. Many people are not only worried about their health, but about their looks also. Therefore, everyone tries to take proper skin care. Regardless of the gender, healthy skin is absolutely a strong desire these days. Only few people are aware that right nutrient is the main basis of fulfilling the desire of healthy skin. Healthy skin as well as right nutrients normally go hand-in-hand. It is true that you cannot avoid the aging of skin.

In fact it is true that right skin care along with healthy eating may get you a vigorous and radiant complexion. Right nutrients are important to rejuvenate your skin. The foods which you consume provide energy to your body for overall functioning. Just like for running a car you need fuel or for recharging your phone you need battery, in the same way your body also needs energy providing foods on daily basis. Therefore, proper balanced diet including minerals and vitamins will provide healthy and glowing skin.

Minerals For Skin Care

There are different minerals which are important for the proper skin care. Many studies and research has proved that human skin reacts well to particular minerals, which rejuvenate the skin, and make it appear healthy and youthful.  Silica is an important mineral which strengthens the connective tissues of the body such as muscles, ligaments, hair, cartilage and bone, which is important for a healthy skin. Deficiency of silica can reduce the elasticity of the skin, and can even damage the ability of your body of healing wounds.

Silica sources are green beans, strawberries, mango, garbanzo beans, cucumber and asparagus. You can also get silica in concentrated liquid form. For your skin care zinc is also an essential mineral, especially for people suffering from acne. Acne itself is a symptom of deficiency of zinc. Zinc controls the oil production in your skin, and even controls hormones which create acne. Zinc is even important for proper functioning of immune system and for taste, smell and vision maintenance. Sources of zinc are ginger, eggs, pecans, fresh oysters, oats and pumpkin seeds. Zinc can also be purchased in the form of tablets and liquid concentrates supplement.

Another Effective Mineral

Selenium is another mineral which helps in skin care, since it is responsible for the elasticity of tissue. It also helps in preventing cell damage through free radicals. Skin cancer can also be prevented by this mineral. Selenium protects your skin from harmful effects of UV rays. Selenium sources include seafood like salmon and tuna, wheat germ, garlic, brown rice, Brazil nuts and eggs. One of the best sources of selenium is Brazil nuts; just eating about 4 nuts everyday gives adequate selenium to many people. Inner skin care can only be possible by the intake of right nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Antioxidants For Your Skin

Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and Vitamin E kills free radicals which are responsible for dry skin, eczema, pale skin, scaly skin, psoriasis, acne, scarring and many embarrassing blemishes. Antioxidants are important for the skin care, because they help in the maintenance and growth of your skin, prevent rough and dry skin. Vitamin A enhances proper maintenance and repair of the skin, as well as deficiencies may result in flaky and dry complexion. Foods which contain vitamin A are carrots, spinach, dandelion, apricots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe.


Vitamin B helps in controlling zits, acne and sunburns as well as healing the skin. It even slows down the process of the skin ageing. Skin care not only means outer care, but inner care is also important. Vitamin C prevents the drastic consequences of prolonged sun exposure that can cause skin cancer. Vitamin E helps in reducing wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin texture. You can get vitamin E by different sources such as almonds, tomatoes, avocados, cabbage, peaches, sunflower seeds, spinach, and wheat germ oil. All these vitamins help in right skin care.

Fatty Acids

Today women are not only concerned about their skin care, but men also. Dry skin, in-flamed skin or the skin that is suffering from the regular appearance of blackheads or whiteheads, can benefit from supplementing it with the essential fatty acids, mainly omega-3s. Essential fatty acids or EFA’s are accountable for the repair of skin, overall flexibility and moisture content.  Since body can’t produce EFA’s, therefore it has to be produced through daily diet.

Omega-6 is found in grains and baked goods but it lacks omega-3s, which is found in cold water salmon fish, safflower oil and flaxseeds. Balancing the consumption of omega-3s and omega-6s can give smoother and young skin. Right omega-3s sources include oils of flaxseeds for vegetarians, and wild harvested fish oils for non vegetarians. This works as skin care agent not from outside but from inside your body.

Not Only Inner But Outer Skin Care Is Also Possible

Remember all the above mentioned minerals, vitamins and nutrients are really important for your skin care. Apart from this you must drink about 8 to 10 glasses full of water every day. This cleans your digestive system and also hydrates and gives shine to your skin. So, get back your youthful skin with right nutrients and proper skin care.