Regime For A Beautiful Skin

Looking beautiful is the priority and unsaid wish of every woman. This is because beautiful skin reflects the beauty of a person. So to have a beautiful, attractive and flawless skin, one need to take care of our skin.

This involves good healthy diet, regular exercise and few tips for skin care regime.

Healthy food is always a boon for good health .It contributes towards a beautiful and good skin.So; every individual should develop the habit of eating right food. Fresh green vegetables and fruits are highly recommended food items. This is because; these fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamins and proteins essential for keeping our skin nourished and healthy. Like –

a)  Vitamin A, helps to repair body tissues, postpones aging and prevents skin dryness. So, include lots of milk and milk products, eggs, broccoli, carrots, spinach etc.

b)  Vitamin B, helps to improve skin complexion as it improves blood circulation. So, include food like yogurt, cereals, green leafy vegetables etc.

c)  Vitamin C, helps to keep the skin firm, smooth and healthy looking. It also helps in the healing process.So; one should include citrus fruits like oranges, lime,   strawberry, sprouts, cabbages etc.

Lifestyle is also an important factor, which contributes towards beautiful skin. Therefore, it is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes —

a)  Healthy eating habits

b)  Regular exercise

c)  Sufficient sleep

d)  No smoking and alcohol

Regular exercise helps to keep our body and mind healthy. It increases the circulation level in the blood and contributes towards beautiful skin. Beside this, stress too has an adverse effect on our skin. However, when we exercise, a hormone called endorphins  is released in our body. This hormone helps to decrease the level of stress and thus controls our mood swings.

It is very important to have a minimum of 5-6 hrs of daily sleep. This helps in restoration of oxygen level in the blood and thus helps in repair of the various cells.

Smoking, clogs the pores and is responsible for the early wrinkles. Similarly, alcohol in excess too damages the system.So, for healthy and beautiful skin, one should avoid alcohol and smoking.

Water is an important source of cleaning our system. So; one should consume atleast 7-8 glass of water daily to remove the toxins and other impurities from our body. This leaves our skin supple and hydrated.

Following a regular skin care regime is also important for maintaining a beautiful skin. So, one should always –

a) Wash our face with plain water atleast 2 times. Once in the morning and the other before going to sleep.

b) Remove the makeup before sleeping

c)  Use good quality of moisturizers and sunscreens

Raka Raghuvanshi