Psoriasis Diet Tips

Psoriasis is a skin disorder which in reality is just a flare up of skin caused due to the five to six times faster reproduction of skin cells. This gives way to deformed nails, red & itchy skin, and thick scaling on the scalp.

Research has found that diet plays a good role in controlling the symptoms of psoriasis. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene, Omega 3, zinc and folate plays a huge role in managing and to prevent psoriasis from occurring. Copper content food is also advisory to be consumed for controlling psoriasis. A diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and which consists less of animal proteins also could be helpful.

Here are some tips to through which you could ensure a good psoriasis diet in your daily lives.

Omega 3 is primarily a good agent to strengthen the immune system in our body. Omega 3 fatty acid content in fishes improves the psoriasis skin condition from flare-ups and inflammations There are other sources of food which contain omega 3 fatty acids such as Tuna carrots, mangoes, trout, apricots and green leafy vegetables which are also high in the content of beta carotene. Another source of Omega 3 is flax seed along with sesame and sunflower seeds.

Folate rich food such as broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and other green leafy vegetables should also be included in your psoriasis diet.

Zinc rich foods such as shellfish and the wholegrain foods should be consumed on a daily basis for reducing the symptoms of psoriasis.

A fiber rich diet is essential for a psoriasis patient in order to ensure the removal of toxins from your system which includes the colon and bowels. The likes of Guar gum, syllium and pectin are good sources of dietary fiber.

When we talk about a psoriasis diet, the foods to avoid should also be taken care.

Dairy products and any red meat should be either avoided or had moderately due to the content of arachadonic acid which aggravates the redness and the swelling of psoriasis. Sausages and all kinds of tinned red meat, pickles, chocolate products and confectionaries should be avoided. Eggs are also advisory to be avoided since it gives rise to worsening psoriasis.

Alcohol, tobacco, certain spices and citrus fruits should also be avoided as much as possible to lower the psoriasis symptoms.