Preventing Crows Feet

In your teenage years and early 20s did you have skin as smooth as a baby’s that was incredibly amazing to feel? Well, the reality is that it does not last forever. The sad fact is that the things you do in terms of affecting your skin in your teenage years and early 20s determine the outcome of your looks in the future.

Everyone wants to stay young and beautiful, but sadly enough this is something that just cannot happen. Rather there are ways you can prevent conditions like Crows Feet. This is when horizontal lines form at the outer edges of both eyes and extend outwards. They are most visible while squinting.

In order to prevent Crows Feet, you should start out early to prevent it.

Having a pair of sun glasses that is big enough to cover the entire area of the eyes is highly recommended. They should be polarized in order to protect your eyes from the glaring light of the sun. So do not “cheap out” on these products rather invest a good amount because it will help you look better. The reason for wearing sun glasses, mostly outside, is that it will prevent you from squinting, which is one of the foremost causes of Crows Feet.

The eyes are a delicate area of the body and the skin around the eyes needs to be constantly moisturized. For this reason it is very important for you to have eye cream. Make your choice wisely in choosing a cream that will not only moisturize your eyes, but make you feel like they are moisturized. At a minimum you should be applying eye cream at least once a day at night time before going to bed. This will be of great help to your eyes.

One of the most common things people do when their eyes feel a little irritated is to rub them, often vigorously. This is very wrong because it causes you to squint a lot more than you usually would. Hence, when experiencing irritated eyes, simply wash them with water and pat them dry. It is very simple to prevent developing Crows Feet very early, as long as you are careful.


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