Organic or Natural Skin Care Products – What’s The Difference

Today more and more people prefer to use products that are environment friendly because they are becoming aware of the benefits offered by nature. Therefore to meet this increased demand several manufacturers have started to produce natural or organic products to cater to this segment of eco-friendly consumers.

Though the words organic and natural are used interchangeably there are distinct differences between the two.

Natural products are those wherein all or some of the ingredients come from nature or are unprocessed such as minerals, vitamins and fruits etc. Since Aloe Vera is a natural product a natural product may contain ingredient such as Aloe Vera. However, this does not imply that the whole product have natural ingredients and are not mixed with chemical ingredients.

The word organic signifies that no pesticides or chemicals were used during the growth of various herbs and plants. Also no method of chemical processing is involved in the manufacture of organic products. Even oils are not extracted through any method of chemical processing. Suppose a product containing Aloe Vera is labeled organic, then the Aloe must have been grown without the use of any chemicals and the oils would be extracted without any form of chemical processing. Only this type of product can be labeled organic.

You should take care even while buying organic products because some of the natural ingredients can also trigger an allergic reaction. For instance, if a person is allergic to bees then a product containing beeswax or honey would not be recommended for such people. Similarly products containing nuts may not be suitable for those who are allergic to nuts.

You can undergo a skin test with any new skin care product whether it is organic, natural or a synthetic one to be on the safer side. Botanical ingredients may be contained in some products which mean that the product includes ingredients that are derived from tress or plants.

You must decide on skin care products that may be labeled organic, herbal or natural by reading the label and doing research for yourself. The top of the ingredient list will display the most prominent ingredient and the bottom will display the least prominent one.