Oily Skin Remedies

Oily skin has over active sebaceous glands. These sebum production glands carry out the important function of lubricating the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells.

However, in case of oily skin, these glands produce too much of sebum or oil. There are many oily skin remedies that you can use to control over production of sebum. But, first you must understand the various triggers for over production of sebum.

There are many reasons for these over active sebum glands. Use of wrong cosmetics or intake of certain medications can cause glands to become over active. An imbalanced diet with too much oil can cause skin to become very oily. Heredity can also be responsible for oily skin. Hormonal imbalances also cause over production of sebum.

Hence, oily skin condition is common among teenagers, pregnant women and women suffering from menopause. People with oily skin suffer from various problems; such as pimples, zits, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. Due to the over production of sebum, the skin looks greasy most of the times. The pores can get enlarged or blocked.

It can also look dull easily, as the oily film on the surface attracts too much dirt and grime. Therefore, you should look for various oily skin remedies. There are many oily skin remedies that can minimise and control production of sebum. The root of all problems is the clogging of the skin pores due to excess production of sebum or oil.

The oily film on your face attracts dirt, grime and dust particles easily. Therefore, cleanse your face thoroughly twice in a day. In addition, clean appropriately after coming from outside. Do not forget to cleanse before going off to bed. Regular cleansing will prevent too much sebum from accumulating on your skin. You can prepare various face masks and cleansers using natural ingredients at home.

Make up can also block your pores. Remove make up thoroughly after attending a party. Use a deep pore cleanser or a good-quality make up removal solution to do this. Monitoring your food intake carefully is one of the best oily skin remedies. Reduce intake of sugar and fats in your diet.

Opt for healthy fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, lean meats in your diet. Adequate intake of protein and vitamin B2 is essential. Wheat germs, whole grains, beans and nuts are rich sources of vitamin B2. Also, hydrate yourself with adequate intake of water, herbal tea, fruit juices etc. Many oily skin remedies such as herbal products, over the counter medicines, creams, gels etc are available in the market.