Oil Cleansing Method For Clear Skin

Oil Cleansing Method When hearing the term ‘oil cleansing’, I am sure that most of you will be wondering as to how oil can be used for cleansing. To the surprise of many, oil is the best cleaning agent that can remove dirt and other trapped bacteria from facial skin leaving it clear and supple. OCM is mainly based on the principle of ‘oil dissolves oil’. This principle sounds quite logical since water cannot dissolve oil.

When you do oil cleansing, you are actually wiping away the sticky oil and sebum that the skin naturally produces and replenishing it with nourishing oil. Odd it may feel, but it is considered by many as the best way to remove makeup completely from skin.

Oils That Can Be Used for OCM

Choosing the right oil will help you in cleansing the pores making it free of bacteria and dirt effectively. Since we are driving away the dirty oil from face, it should be replaced with oils that possess healing and nourishing properties. Oils extracted from natural botanicals, herbs, fruits, vegetables etc. are the most preferred.

The most popular choice of oil for OCM is a 50:50 proportion of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Castor oil (propounded by experts as ‘healing oil’) has the incredible capacity to remove dirt and bacteria that clog the facial skin pores. Castor oil will effectively cleanse the pores along with imparting healing effects. The antibacterial and dissolving character of castor oil makes it a most preferable choice. Though it may sound strange, this extra thick oil can cause dryness to the skin. Therefore, it is beneficial to blend it with any other moisturizing oil. Its proportion can be increased or decreased according to the nature of skin.

EVOO is an excellent moisturizer and is loaded with antioxidants that help in fighting free-radicals that damage the skin. It also helps to keep wrinkles at bay. The ratio of both the oils should be decided based on the oiliness of the skin. People with normal skin can use equal proportion of both the oils; whereas people with oily skin should opt for 3:1 proportion.

Other nourishing oils that can be used for cleansing are grape seed oil, almond, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and argan oil. The last two oils are excellent for dry, lifeless and aging skin. Jojoba oil and tea tree essential oil are found to be suitable for acne-prone skin. Doing oil cleansing is simple but time consuming as compared to using other cleansing lotions and creams.

But if you really crave for clear and blemish-free skin, consider this as a great cleansing option. Carrot seed essential oil, which has the necessary healing properties, is another option. When you do OCM for a few times, it will be easier to decide your personal oil blend and proportion.

How to do OCM and How Does it Benefit the Skin

Oil Cleansing for skin


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OCM can be precisely defined as cleaning of facial skin with a blend of oils. This unique skincare and cleansing method is used to remove contaminated oils that are stuck into the skin pores. This unique cleansing should preferably be done in the night.

First, select the oil blend that is most suitable for your skin. Take sufficient quantity of oil in your palm and gently and firmly massage it all over your face and neck for approximately two minutes. The strokes should be upward and circular. It also improves blood circulation. Be careful not to put unnecessary pressure on the skin.

Secondly, hold a soft towel under hot running water or soak it in warm steaming water and place it over the face. This warm cloth should be applied over the face for 10-15 seconds until it becomes cool. When the towel is cooled off softly rub the face off. The steam will remove all the dead skin cells. Repeat the process for a few times until all the oil sediments are wiped out.

After done with the process, you will find your skin dazzlingly radiant and super supple, free of all dirt and grime. You will find that your skin will be free from blackheads, whiteheads and all other impurities. For best results, oil cleansing has to be done once in a week. If you feel that your skin is over dried after process, dab on a few drops of any essential oils or moisturizers. A balanced and properly moisturized clear skin will be the result of OCM if done properly.

Oil cleansing method works, as said before, on the basis of ‘oil dissolves oil’ theory. As you all know, all skin types produce or secrete a minimum quantity of oil. While you cleanse it with any readymade cleansers or any other so called oil-free products, you are actually stripping all the sebum from your skin. The natural tendency of the skin is to produce more oil leading to clogged pores and bacterial infections leading to blemishes and spots. OCM can work wonders in this scenario by dissolving and wiping all the sebum from the face and replacing it with other replenished oils.

Is OCM Suitable for Oily Skin?

It is a common myth that oil should not be applied on oily skin. The main reason for this idea is that acne is caused mainly by oiliness of skin. The fact is that oil is not the single culprit for acne. It is also caused by hormonal imbalances, dirt, bacterial infections and clogged pores. The truth is that your skin, whatever is its nature, requires oil and don’t be scared of oil.

Rebound effect may occur but give your skin some time to adjust, and surely the condition will improve. When done correctly with the correct proportion of oils, OCM will reduce the oiliness of facial skin. You can even add some drops of vitamin E into the oil blend as it will heal acne scars and reddish pimples.

You can surely flaunt a flawless, clear skin after including the Oil Cleansing Method in your beauty regime. You will not find any need to buy expensive cleansers that are loaded with a whole lot of chemicals that re harmful in the long run.