Oil Bath For Youthful Skin

Oil bath beautifies the skin in more ways than one. Oil bath is different than taking an oil massage.Oil bath is taken by applying generous amounts of oil to the body and allow it to get absorbed into the skin such that sweat is produced.  It is one simple solution for restoring youth of the skin. The bath is followed by bath with water.

Primary benefits of oil bath include improved appetite and digestion, complexion improves and body becomes energized. Oil bath is highly recommended for people suffering from circulation related problems.

It is because of the same reason that it is able to eliminate toxins from the body and helps in its revitalization. Better circulation helps in getting better sleep.

Methods to Take Oil Bath

The traditional way of oil bath is pouring of oil on the body and rubbing it gently into the body. Such oils are chosen which are easily absorbed by the body. These include sesame seed oil, coconut oil, lavender oil and olive oil.

Sesame seed is especially useful in this regard. It makes the skin smooth in very first bath. Coconut oil is a better choice for clarifying the complexion.

The other way is to add oils with warm water in a tub and relax in it for 20 to 30 minutes.

Those who do not have time for these lengthy procedures can splash a tub full of oil on the body right after bath. Quickly rub it on the whole body. Pat dry the skin. It will leave a thin layer of oil on the skin and keep it hydrated. It is believed to provide almost same effect.

Ayurvedic Significance

Ayurveda suggests one to have oil bath every day. The theory states that oil bath dissolves the toxins and flushes them to the center of the body so that they can be eliminated by kidneys.

Oil bath balances the vatta of the body. Disturbances in Vatta is said to be source of development of all diseases in the body. It fights all signs of aging and restores the softness.

Oil bath can be followed by application of Fuller’s earth on entire body. Allow to dry then wash with water. No need of soap.


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