Natural Remedies for Warts

Warts are among the most awkward skin problems, which cannot be cured easily. Basically these are the outcome of an infection with human papilloma virus or HPV. The main problem with warts is that they spread over the body very quickly. The virus gets carried to the other parts of the body, when you touch or scratch the warts with your finger. There are several natural remedies for warts, which you may give a try. These natural treatments have no long-term after effect and some of these might fit perfect for your skin.

Garlic Oil is known as a useful treatment for warts. You may apply the oil directly on to the warts at least twice a day. Some people also take a piece of garlic to put over the wart and then put a bandage over it.

The tea tree oil has proved to be quite useful in fighting against various viruses. It can as well be effective for the warts, if you take an oil soaked cotton ball to apply directly over the warts for minimum of two times daily. This treatment might help the wart to fall off its own.

Even onion has been effective to treat the warts. You may apply the fresh onion juice in frequent intervals over the warts until they are completely vanished.

Pineapple can as well bring good results in treating this problem. The protein digestive enzyme available in this fruit might dissolve away the small growth. However, you have to be very particular to apply fresh pineapple juice for consecutive times a day, as long as it gets washed away.

Natural remedy like the apple cider vinegar can be pretty helpful to remove the warts. Take a cotton swap to soak into the vinegar and then to apply on the warts. The diluted acid portion of the vinegar will work on the warts and remove them within few days.

You may even find some more natural remedies of warts, if you talk to your grandmother. All these remedies may not be so effective, however you have to keep on trying these to finally get an expected result.