Natural Remedies For Dry Skin

As always said skin is the layer of protection. It protects the internal organs from outside environment. Skin is sensitive and should be taken care carefully. For this reason skin disorders are harmful for the body. Skin disorders can occur at any age during the lifetime. So, natural skin care is the only option.

Skin undergoes exfoliation physiologically during the entire lifetime. Therefore, many skin disordersare related to exfoliation and ageing. This article will elaborate about remedies of many physiological and pathological common skin disorders naturally.Before briefing about the remedies of skin disorders. Various skin disordersare :-

• Acne
• Dry skin
• Blackheads
• Sunburn
• Warts

Acne Trouble

Acne is a very common skin disorder mostly faced by teenagers or young generation. Major cause of acne is hormonal disturbances during pubertal changes. Sex hormones stimulate and activate the sebaceous glands under the skin which leads to formation of pimples over the skin commonly called as acne.

Other causes like pollution, dust etc. further increases the disorder and can cause acne.Natural skin care for acne primarily requires clean skin. Any use of hard soaps and scrubs should be avoided. Any herbal lotion can be used to clean the skin if one wants.

For cure of acne face pack can be used alternative days. Face pack is made by adding gram flour with lintil powder and lastly by adding a pinch of turmeric powder to the pack. It greatly helps in reducing acne and have a anti – septic properties which further provides protection of spread of micro-organisms.

For after acnescabs, dry orange peel can be used. It must be moistened and applied to the area which helps in getting rid of the scabs from the skin. Another effective method is by using neem leaves along with turmeric powder. It should be applied on the area affected and washed off with lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes.

Dry skin Woes

Dry skin is due to absence of moisture in the skin. They can occur due to wind, sitting in air conditioner for a long time, and change in temperature. Hence, natural skin care should be taken in such conditions. In dry skin, skin becomes tight, rough, and flake.

Various causes of dry skin is absence of adequate secretions from the glands, it can also occur genetically, it is also seen in malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies, also occur due to some medicinal side effects ansd certain allergies to chemicals and beauty products.

Measures for natural skin care for dry skin can be by regular cleaning of the skin. Warm water should never be used for cleaning the skin, even in winter season it should be avoided. Gentle mild cream should be applied everyday before sleeping to prevent the skin from dryness.

Plenty of water should be consumed if the skin goes dry. The dry skin should be well lubricated and moisturized. For cracked skin calendula or oil with comfrey can be used. Aloe vera is also a good lubricant for the skin to prevent the dryness.

Tea tree oil is also a known effective method to prevent dryness. It can be added to the cream applied during the night. It provides with gentle and smooth skin. Chamomile tea or dandelion tea or peppermint tea can also be consumed. It is a very effective method of natural skin carespeacially for tea drinkers.

Blackheads Problem

Also named as open comedones. These are due to over active sebaceous glands. The black color is due to the residual from the follicles. Oily skin is more prone to blackheads. And people who are more exposed to pollution also face the problem of blackheads more often.

Natural skin care for blackheads is removal of blackheads after steaming. This is most easiest and approachable method of removal of blackheads. Application of raddish seeds in water on the blackheads helps with the solution of the problem. Also a face wash of fresh lime and glass of boiled milk can be applied for cure of blackheads.

To loosen the blackhead before removal, green tea scrub can be used. The mixture of almond powder with rose water is also a effective method for this problem. Honey is also remedy. It is applied for 15-20 minutes and washed off. Helps to reduce blackheads. Tender neem leaves with addition of turmeric can also be used as it is also a effective method. Undiluted lime juice applied on blackheads greatly reduces the problem too.

Bad Sunburns

Excessive exposure in the sun causes skin disorders called sun burns. Direct exposure to sunrays cause  redness, pain and swelling for 3-5 days. Its patchy, may peel and quite itchy which further increases the discomfort and the problem. This skin disorder is more common in working people who are more exposed to sun rays.

Natural skin care for sunburn can be done by applying aloe vera gel or apple cider vinegar on the effected area. It helps to heal the scab, reduces the itching and also helps in maintaining the optimum pH of the skin.

Another method is by applying cold water or cold whole milk on the towel and applying on the burnt area. It sooths the burning skin.Natural skin care of sunburn can also be done by preparing cucumber lotion. It is made by squeezing cucumber juice, add one fourth cup of glycerin, add one fourth cup of rose water. This lotion helps in burnt skin very effectively.Rubbing mustard on the sunburned skin till it dries is also used for treating sunburn naturally.

Irritating Warts

Warts are solid blister growth on the skin. It occurs due to virus infection. The causative virus is known as human papillomavirus. They are rough outgrowths and are mostly harmless.Garlic is applied on warts. It is one of the most effective method of natural skin care as it has anti-viral action also.

Cut pineapple is also put on the area of warts many times in the day helps in treatment of warts in 2-3 days.Also application of camphor oil on the affected area helps in removal of warts in few days. Tea tree oil is also a option for curing the warts naturally.