Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can sometimes be a serious foot problem. But treating it might not be as difficult as one might think.

Home treatment for cracked heels is one of the best and cost effective solutions you can try at home. But first let’s understand what causes cracked heels.

Some of the causes of cracked skin may be due to excessive feet activity. Prolonged standing in office or at home on hard floors may cause cracked heels. Dry and thick skin in and around the heels have high chances to be cracked due to extreme feet activity. Deficiency of certain minerals, vitamins and zinc is also one of the reasons for cracked heels.

Treatment of cracked heels depends on the severity of the situation. You can try this treatment by soaking the feet in water and oatmeal for sometime and later peeling off the dry skin with pumice stone. You need to keep the feet wet at the time of peeling. After this you should apply a moisturizing lotion.

You will find numerous natural remedies for cracked heels. After thorough cleaning and drying of cracked areas applying vegetable oils will be beneficial. Trying this application for sometime will give positive results. Another treatment is the application of glycerin with rose water after proper cleaning of the cracked heels.

If the heels are in dreadful condition, applying petroleum jelly on them will be a good choice. But you should wear thick socks so that you wear the socks after applying the jelly. You can remove the socks after a full night’s rest. The petroleum jelly will be slippery so be cautious while removing the socks.

A daily routine of cleaning and moisturizing the heels is also a good cure. You don’t have to worry much as it will take some time to have your beautiful feet back and you can show the world that it is cured.

Another possible result oriented treatment is to mix mustard oil with melted paraffin wax. Apply the mixture on the cracked area of the heels. Wash it off in the morning and follow this regime for another ten to fifteen days and you will get the desired result.