Natural Methods To Beat The Heat & Secure Healthy Skin

No matter it is Christmas season and winter’s breeze helping us to have the soft, glowing and healthy skin without any efforts but at the back of mind women got proposing summers and potential skin problems always haunting us.

Women always wish that winters remain for 12 months and no skin problem reoccur, but that’s something averse of nature hence prepare yourself  a month before and fill your fridge with toners, moisturizers and softening anti aging creams or face mask. Given below some easy yet high impact methods to beat the skin problems in summers and experience fresh whole day long.

Summer time ignites pigmentation, acne and takes away the fresh looks. To beat these problems and to gain the shinny looks make a paste using fresh basil leaves, fresh mint leaves and boil them till their color and aroma get transferred to water. Store the liquid at cool place and without fail apply on face using cotton as toner and cleanse after 10 -15 minute.  This is perfect treatment for moderate acne and skin rash problem.

If going for beauty treatment cucumber can’t be ignored. It is extremely resourceful in terms of toning, cleansing and smooth moisturizer for all kind of skin tone. Storing is also not problem. One can make the mash of cucumber and add few drops of white vinegar or rose water to apply after office hours. This will help in relaxation, vinegar removes all the dirt from pores and rose water works as toner.

Now the biggest problem we face in summer is skin blemishes and rashes, then choose between banana and peach mask. Beat them till they turn into cream and apply as per your convenient time. Both the fruits work as great skin tightening agent and antibacterial element to fight the unwanted blemishes.

There may be hundred of Antibiotics tablets, anti aging creams, blood purifying syrups, or acne removal ointments in market but nothing compare to natural components gifted by Mother Nature. Every fruit and vegetable has distinct quality and their direct or indirect intake is beneficial for skin. Hence make maximum use of them in summer and enjoy the attention.