Nail Fungus Infection – Cause and Remedy

Nail fungus infection causes to grow a yellow or white spot on the tip of the nails. Starting from one nail it can grow on to several nails on your fingers or toes. The root cause of this infection is a fungus known as richophyton rub rum.

As the infection grows more, it converts the nail to be thicker and more brittle. You may even loose the natural color of your nails as a result of this infection. In case of acute infection, your nails might get broken into pieces to generate severe pain on the surrounding area. On top of all, it looks too awkward to carry such brittle, colorless and unhealthy nails in front of many.

It has been seen that this type of infection is more common for men rather in women. Your nails could be susceptible to this infection, if your nails are consistently staying in warm and humid atmosphere. The fungus usually gets inside the internal layer of the nails through small cuts or bruises.

Over the counter medication are available for applying on the affected nails, but they are not going to give a permanent relief from the problem. So, you have to consult a dermatologist to buy prescribed medications. The prescribed medications are mainly available in oral forms. These oral medications will help to fight with the fungus and to grow young and healthy nails. However, if you have a cardiac or liver problem, these anti-fungal medications may not be suitable for you.

In this scenario, your dermatologist might prescribe you with anti-fungal nail polish. This nail polish should be freshly applied on the affected nails for every week. Each time you apply the nail polish use an alcoholic remover to completely remove the old coats from your nails. It will definitely take quite some time to get some positive result out of this treatment. Also, you have to be too particular to apply the anti-fungal nail polish religiously.

You should not wait to start the treatment for nail fungus infection as it might spread quickly to infect the other nails also. If you find the white or yellow spot on the nail tip is not going away within a week, then you should better consult the dermatologist at your earliest.