Monsoon Skin Care

It is really a relief when monsoon comes after suffering from the scorching heat of summer. It feels great when it starts to rain for the first few days. But when it starts to rain continuously it really becomes irritating and humid weather of monsoon brings various problems to our skin and hair.

Another problem during this time is that the skin behaves strangely. Sometimes it gets oily and at other times it gets dry and dehydrated. That is why it is very necessary to take care of your skin during the season.

People are often misguided by the cloudy sky and forget to apply sun screen during monsoon. Though there is no visibility of sun, the UV rays remain. They penetrate through the cloud and damage our skin. So like summer do not forget to wear sun screen lotion before going out.

The high humidity also makes skin sweaty and oily. Naturally dust and dirt sticks on the skin and pimples and acne comes out in abundance. Oil, dirt, and dead cells clog the pores of the skin and give birth to pimples. People, especially young people, get confused in such situation and cannot decide on the correct remedy. Most of the skin specialist insists on daily skin care routine among which cleaning is a must.

Do scrubbing regularly to keep the pores of the skin open. Use lemon juice, milk, gram flour to remove dead skin and to rejuvenate your skin. Make an effective face wash for this time and use it whenever you comes from outside. To make one you need 4 tablespoon of fuller’s earth, ½ teaspoon of powdered camphor, 10 crushed mint leaves and rose water to mix it.

Grind it to a fine and smooth paste and keep it in refrigerator. After coming from outside, take a little amount of it and massage on your face. Then clean with cold water. It helps to reduce excessive oiliness, helps in blood circulation, prevents acne and brings an instant glow.

Monsoon is a bad hair season. At this time the hair becomes fizzy. To get rid of it give your hair oil treatment once in every 15 days. But do not forget to remove every trace of it with the help of a shampoo. Use mild shampoo everyday or at least every alternate day at this time.