Moisturizing Is Important

Moisturizing is important; we agree that skin covers the entire human body. It acts as a shield, which protects the body from external environment. Moisturizers are products formulated to hydrate the skin.

It provides a seal over the skin which helps to retain water. Moisturizer is a combination of oil, cream, plant extracts, some nutritional elements like; vitamin C, vitamin E and many other enzymes which is beneficial for the skin.

Moisturizers can be classified in two categories: lipids and humectants.  Lipids help to block moisture from leaving the skin like mineral oil, lanolin etc.  Whereas, humectants attract moisture according to its nature; either they are absorbed by the skin or remain on the surface of the skin. Like glycerine, urea, hyaluronic acid etc.

So, on one hand a well formulated moisturizer has ingredients that stay on the skin’s surface and take on the functions of protection and moisture loss prevention, while on the other hand, it contains ingredients that do enter through the skin-barrier to act on the underlying skin layers.

Moisturizing is important in daily routine. Moreover, choosing the right kind of moisturizer is more important considering the factors like the type of skin, weather conditions and also age factor of the individual. During winter thick moisturisers are used.

Oil free moisturizer is the best choice for oily skin. There are several branded moisturizers available in the market with specific ingredients like aloe vera, SPF, vitamin C and many more.

A moisturizer with SPF is good to use during the day as it protects from the harmful UV rays. Moisturizer rehydrates and replenishes the skin’s natural radiance, using moisturizers once or twice a day will return skin’s natural healthy glow.

A good moisturizer will never make skin dry or oily. In fact it gets absorbed into the skin and makes it soft and supple. The health and quality of the skin starts improving with the regular use of moisturizer .Skin specialists have studied different types of skins and advised moisturizers accordingly.

This has helped them to create a range of specialized products. Healthy skin requires daily hydration to keep it smooth, supple, firm, and wrinkle free. Thus we all agree that moisturizing important in the skincare routine as it nourishes the skin.