Moisturizers- Choose Them According To Your Skin Type

Moisturizers are very important for the health of the skin. Moisturizing is one of the very essential parts of the skin care regime. If your skin lacks the proper amount of moisture, then it may suffer from a lot of troubles like rashes, itching, dark spots, winter dryness, hardness of the skin etc.

Every skin type requires a specific amount of moisture for the enhancement of its quality. Such as, dry skin requires more moisture to keep itself healthy as compared to oily and combination skin. Hence, choosing the right moisturizer for a particular skin type is also very essential.

As there are several types of moisturizers available in the market, sometimes the consumers find it difficult to select the proper one for their skin. You may have some inclination towards a certain brand, but do you have any idea about what type of moisturizer should be opted for your skin type? Let us tell you how the select the exact one.

Dry Skin: People who have dry skin must look for those moisturizers which have high viscosity. In simpler words, it should have a thick appearance, i.e. an oil based moisturizer. Every day after washing your skin or having a bath, you must moisturize your damp skin so that it gets absorbed in a proper way.

Oily Skin: You must be wondering ‘why do we need moisturizers for oily skin??’ The truth is- oily skin too needs proper moisturizing. But it should not be a regular moisturizer; it must be a water based moisturizer which has a thin base. Water based moisturizers are easily available, so it wont be a huge problem for you to find them.

Combination Skin/ Oily T-Zone:
People with combination skin can use a simple moisturizer which is neither too thick nor too thin in nature. If you opt only for thick creams, it may give birth to pimples around the t-zone. Similarly, if you only use a water based moisturizer, it may make you cheeks look dry and flaky. So, go for mild moisturizers that are specially made for combination skin.

Over sensitive Skin: People with sensitive skin must use herbal moisturizers. Chemicals and medicine based moisturizers may produce infections and allergies on their face and body. So, make sure that the moisturizer is made of herbal or natural product which hardly reacts with the skin to produce irritations.

Somrrita Das