Lip Surgery For Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation The desire to look younger is very common in today’s world irrespective of gender. Women and men are equally trying out all the ways that can enhance their beauty. Among the different facial features lips have more importance as soft, smooth and luscious lips provides a younger look and this makes people to undergo lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation is a procedure that makes the lips fuller, sexier and bigger. Usually genetic factors and aging deteriorate the collagen build up in the lips and makes them thin and dehydrated. Cosmetic lip surgery enlarges and reshapes the normal lips to enhance its dimensional relation with the person’s teeth, nose and the closely encircling facial structures.

Different methods are used for lip augmentation and it includes lip augmentation with injectable fillers and lip augmentation with implants and surgery. Injectable fillers are also used to plump up the lips in which collagen; hyaluronic acid, fat etc are injected in to the lips under topical anesthesia and the results last from six months to one to two years.

The recovery from lip augmentation injection is visible in a couple of days but the swelling or bruising may last little longer. However as these are temporary solutions, many people now prefer lip implants and surgery that provides long term or permanent lip augmentation.  Recovery period of lip augmentation surgery depends on the type of the procedure the patient has undergone but usually it takes two weeks.

Lip Augmentation Candidates

The person who undertakes  lip surgery should have perfect general health. People having cold sores, blood clotting problems, diabetes, lupus, scarring in the lips etc are not recommended to undergo lip augmentation surgery since healing will be difficult for such patients. For undergoing lip augmentation one should give up his smoking and drinking.

In addition during the initial consultation the doctor will examine in detail the medical history and the current medications of the patient. Doctor recommends lip augmentation surgery only after having a thorough examination of the lips and mouth and during this period he will describe the procedure, cost and risks involved with the surgery and will perform surgery only with the patient’s consent.

Lip Implants and Surgery

Mostly the surgery takes around two hours and it depends mostly on the skill, experience and technique of the surgeon. The patient need not have to get admitted to the hospital for undertaking the surgical procedures and  can be undertaken as an outpatient.. The patients are asked to stop the intake of aspirin or any blood thinners at least two weeks prior to the procedure. The patients are given local or intravenous sedation aesthesia before starting the procedure and the procedure won’t cause much pain.

Usually surgeons make incision on the underside of the lips but sometimes they make incision also on the upper line of the lips. There are different types of implants which include the local flap graft or synthetic implants made of Goretex, softForm, Alloderm, fat grafting, Advanta, UltraSoft etc.


Alloderm is one of the commonly used implants and is a collagen sheet extracted from the deceased human beings and purified to make sheets. The surgeon makes a tiny incision on the underside of the lips and places this implant in the lips. This implant last only up to 12 months as body absorbs collagen slowly.


Fascia or white connective tissue is extracted from the body ofsss the patient or from deceased human beings. It is then implanted surgically and if it is the patient’s tissue then it last long. However the body reabsorbs these tissues in one year.

Fat grafting

Fat grafting is a method of inserting the fat taken from the thigh or abdomen of the patient to his or her lips to get fuller lips. Since it is the patient’s own fat tissues the chances for reactions are less and at times the patient may get permanent results but it depends to a great extent on the patient. Even though some tissues stick permanently, the amount of which is unpredictable and the patient has to undergo repeated procedures to get the desired result permanently.

Gore-tex, SoftForm, soft ePTFE

These are synthetic lip implants that can provide permanent results unless the grafts are taken out because body is not able to absorb these materials. Since these are synthetic materials, the chances for allergic reactions are more. These are microporous white implants made out of the same materials used for making raincoats and boots but is a sterile medical grade. ePTFE is a nontoxic, nonreactive polymer used for implanting anywhere in the body for many years.

Local Flap Graft

This is a surgical method of taking the tissues, skin, connective tissue, muscle etc from inside of the mouth. It requires long incisions and sutures within the mouth and hence is the least preferred option.

Silicone Lip Implants

There are two types of silicone implants, one is “permalip” implant which is available in three different sizes and provides immediate results. It can be implanted after giving anesthesia to the patients and by making two incisions on each lip. Another type is “MicroDroplet silicone” which is an injection that can be performed over several months to increase the lip size.

Saline Lip Implants

These are similar products as that of silicone implants and the complications are less likely to occur with saline lip implants. But there are chances that a saline lip implant may get ruptured.

After the procedure the patient need to take rest for some days and should restrict himself from exercise or strenuous activities for a few weeks. The patients should also ensure to have sufficient stock of soft foods like pudding, jello, yogurt, oatmeal etc at home so that they need not chew the hard food which may be uncomfortable to them immediately after the surgery.

Risks and Complication

This is a surgery and hence it involves all the risk associated with a normal surgery. Allergic reaction towards the anesthesia or implants may cause complications and some patients develop irritations, infection if the implant is not properly placed. In some cases the body rejects the implants which may cause bleeding while in some others the bruising may leads to permanent discoloration.

Moreover any of these procedures are unable to guarantee the desired results and since it is a cosmetic procedure most of the insurance companies won’t pay off. If the patient experience excessive swelling, pain or fever then she should consult the doctor as early as possible. Find an experienced surgeon and follow the procedure as per his instructions to avoid complications and enjoy the luscious lips for the rest of your life.

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