Lemon to Lighten Lips

Lemon is a well known bleaching agent. It is widely used to lighten skin and hair. One of the reasons for the popularity of lemon is that it is easily available in everybody’s kitchen.

Many people will recommend applying lemon juice to lighten dark lips. However, watch out before adopting this remedy to lighten your lips. It can have side effects also.

Lemon juice is acidic and can make your lips look good for a few days. However, eventually it will damage the delicate skin on your lips. This is because it can burn up the skin cells on your lips. This can turn your lips dark permanently. This can be quite detrimental to your goals. So avoid using lemon juice on your lips. You could, however combine it with other ingredients and use it to lighten your lips.

Some good natural recipes for dark lips are provided below:

For the first one you will need some vaseline, lemon juice and a soft toothbrush for this. Begin by mix vaseline and lemon juice and apply in onto your lips. Leave this on your lips for the entire night. Scrub lips lightly with a soft toothbrush in the morning. Moisturize thoroughly after scrubbing. This removes the dead skin revealing fresh pink or red lips. In addition, vaseline heals dry or cracked lips that keep peeling off.

Honey can also lighten dark lips. In addition, it is also a good moisturizer and cleanser. Combine honey with lemon juice can neutralize its acidic nature. There are two good proportions of mixing these two beneficial ingredients. Leave both of them one your lips for about ten to fifteen minutes to see the effect.

Furthermore, repeat the treatment about three to four times in a week to get best results. The first one is to mix equal quantities of honey and lime juice. The second is that you could mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey. Wash off the second one with lukewarm water.

There are other hassle free recipes also available. Take a slice of lemon and top it with a pinch of sugar. Rub it gently on your lips for about five minutes twice in a day. Mix lime juice and vinegar in equal proportions and massage it on your lips. Blend cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal parts and apply the concoction onto your lips.