Laser Hair Removal: The Best Solution for Unsightly Hairs

Getting rid of unsightly hairs is an age-old chore for the womenfolk. For years they have been messing around with razors and depilatory creams in their efforts to get a smooth hair-free skin. But neither of these hair removal methods guarantees lasting results. Waxing of course can give you a month-long result at best. But the pain associated with waxing is quite unwelcome. Moreover, using these creams can give rise to many skin problems.

Shaving of course can lead to cuts and skin irritation. So what is the ultimate solution for unwanted hairs? Is there any permanent solution for unwanted hairs? The answer is a big yes. Laser hair removal, which is FDA approved, is the best solution for unwanted hairs. Half a million of American undergo this procedure every year and is considered as the only hair removal technique which can give permanent results.

Now let’s find out how laser hair removal is performed. It is performed by qualified and trained laser technicians and medical professionals in clinics and hospitals. When laser energy is applied on the targeted areas, it penetrates the skin and damages the hair follicles. The high energy destroys the follicles thereby inhibiting hair re-growth.

For best results, you have to undergo multiple sessions. This is because the hairs grow in cycles and hence not all follicles appear at the same time. The whole procedure can be completed within an hour or even less than that. It also depends on the extent of targeted areas and hair concentration. Sometimes local anesthesia is applied. But on the whole laser hair removal is considered painless.

There are a few and minor side effects of laser hair removal such as redness of skin and swelling skin. But these may appear only for a few days. However, you will be prescribed ointments and creams for quick recovery. Also, exposure of the treated area to the sun should be avoided. The procedure does not require hospital stay. .

Rather, you can immediately resume your normal activities. Hairs may still be present for about ten days before they fall off. You can shave off them. But avoid waxing or bleaching them. It is also worth knowing that not all laser hair removal treatment guarantees permanent results. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is also influenced by factors such as hair texture and skin color.