Know The Cause To Treat Dark Circles

Treat Dark Circles Dark Circles are the most common problem which all of us face at some point in our life or the other. Some have to fight them quite young and some develop when getting old. People think that it is just lack of sleep which invites dark circles around our eyes.

But it is not so there are a lot many reasons which club together and develop dark circles around our eyes. In order to find the perfect cure to get rid of dark circles first we need to know the real cause of dark circles around our eyes. But along with stress, insomnia and age heredity is also one of the contributing factors towards dark circles. They are not found in a specific age group but can develop in youngsters too and these days’ kids who watch a lot of TV or play video games for long hours also suffer from the problem of dark circles.

Cause Of Dark Circles

Fluid Retention:

Out of the many reasons allotted to dark circles fluid retention due to dilation of the blood vessels is also one. People who eat a lot of salt or smoke or drink alcohol quite often or suffer from liver disease have the problem of water retention in their body which leads to the dilation of blood vessels around the eyes and make them look dark. Too much of salt causes water retention in our body and around eyes too, it thus affects the blood circulation and makes the veins appear more bluish in colour. If left untreated at the first go it keeps on growing and the dark circles become darker. Due to dilation of the blood vessels their colour becomes more visible thus making the region below your eyes darker in appearance.

Genetics/ Hereditary:

Yes you can blame someone in your family who already has dark circles for transferring them genetically on to you. Genetic inheritance is one of the biggest factors responsible for dark circles. Thus if you have genetically thinner and fairer skin and due to lack of sleep or any other reason the blood vessels around your eyes stretch and appear darker when the blood pools around your eyes.

Late Night Or Irregular Sleep:

Irregular sleeping pattern or staying awake for late nights also causes dark circles. Staying awake for long hours creates stress in your body which leads to development of dark circles around our eyes. The best way to treat dark circles is to remove the cause which is causing them. Like if insomnia or lack of sleep is the reason for appearance of dark circles why not get a good night sleep and rest your eyes to get rid of these dark circles.


Seasonal allergies like sneezing or asthma could be another cause of dark circles. The skin gets discoloured due to these seasonal allergies or develops puffiness around the eyes as these allergies trigger the production of Histamines. Histamines cause the blood vessel inflammation and thus develop puffiness around the eyes. Gluten is a very common allergy which tends to develop dark circles very easily and it is caused by being allergic to wheat flour.

Hay fever is also a seasonal allergy which commonly causes dark circles, but it can be easily treated with proper medication and prescription. You can also be caught by an unnoticed food allergy at your work place or may be at home, which might result in development of dark circles or puffiness around eyes. Sometime allergies cause irritation in eyes which results in rubbing of eyes. Excessive rubbing damages the tiny blood capillaries around eyes which are very delicate. This also results in discoloration and swelling around eyes.


Ageing is a very common factor causing dark circles, because as we age the collagen present in our skin gets lesser and the skin becomes thinner thus exposing the veins more through the skin. Breakdown of collagen occurs due to sunbathing also, so excess of sunbathing also causes discoloration of the skin around eyes. The best way to check out the correct reason for the development of dark circles is by stretching the skin around the eyes. If the colour of skin under the eyes does not change then allergies and UV rays are the culprits. But if the skin around eyes becomes darker then genetics or aging is the reason.

Deficiency Of Vitamin:

These dark circles also arise due to lack of vitamin absorption which in turn causes poor adrenal functioning and results in these deadly dark circles, which attract everyone’s attention. Mainly the deficiency of Vitamin K is the reason behind these dark circles. Thus we need to get the best supplements for vitamin K which can be applied in the form of skin creams.

These skin creams being rich in Vitamin K and retinol help in reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Avoid staying awake for long hours and take a good night’s sleep along with vitamin k will help in reducing dark circles to a great extent.  Lack of Vitamin B12 and anti-oxidants also causes puffiness around the eyes. Eating a lot of green leafy vegetables and good amount of fluids and fruits helps in reviving the original skin colour around your eyes.

Except for these major reasons there are some minor contributors too like smoking, just say no to smoking if you do, because it harms your blood vessels and causes dilation in them thus making them appear bluish especially under the eyes. Drinking a good amount of fluids like juices and water also helps in reducing the dark circles. Water helps in reducing the puffiness around the eyes too. So just drink plenty of water during the day 2-3 litres of water is the body requirement.

Yoga is the best medicine for all the diseases, so why not learn few asana like Anulom-Vilom or Pranayam to relieve stress from your body. It will also help in reducing the dark circles by relaxing your body. So by detecting the cause and getting it treated we can always remove or get rid of that particular Halloween look and say bye to our dark circles.