Important Make-Up Tools

A make up kit is a girl’s most priced possession and is close to her heart, and why not, it is something that helps her in looking nice and beautiful. But a common mistake that many girls make while buying their make up is that they go about purchasing high end beauty products of all types, foundation, blush, eye shadows, etc. but usually forget the applicators (or tools) that will be majorly involved in the process of beautifying you. If you have the right applicators and right products; your make up will bring even better results.

For applying foundation and compact powder use synthetic brushes or sponge. Using these will help spread the foundation well and evenly. If you apply both, use different sponge for face powder and foundation. Using the same one will merge both of the colors on the sponge and result in color change.

For blusher and face powder, se separate brushes, you can use a medium sized normal bristle brush as it releases the powder and does not stick to the brush.

For eye shadow, a flat and small brush should be used. Such a brush is suitable for both powdered and cream based eye shadow. Many people also use cotton balls to apply eye shadow. But the problem with cotton is that a lot of product is wasted as it remains clinked on to the cotton.

For lips, you would need a brush to line your lips and one to fill your lips with. These days lip liners come in pencil form but for filling your lips you would need a small thin brush. Keep two such brushes with you, one for dark shades and one for light colors.

Always wash and clean your brushes and sponges after you use them. If that is not possible (only reason being that you are too lazy to do it), this is needed to be done atleast once a week. You can use your face cleanser to clean them. After they are properly cleaned, make sure that they dry well before you put them back in their place.