Importance of Pedicure for Feet

The two pillars that we stand walk and run on, our sole support to be erect on ground. Regardless of the type of work we do, at the end of the day our feet get exhausted from carrying us around all the time.

An important fact is that feet carry five times our body weight, yet we tend to often neglect them while undergoing the daily beauty regimes. In order to energize our entire body it is important for us to pamper our feet a little with gentle care. A pedicure can be defined as the procedure which provides your feet a soft care with a gentle touch. In addition to the energy you will receive, your feet will be beautiful.

You will feel your whole body relax as you get a pedicure done, a luxurious experience. It also helps in treating many feet problems like ingrown nails, toe infections and more. Heel cracks can be treated by scrubbing and massaging the foot skin. Doing this also enhances the blood circulation. A foot massage relaxes the entire body because all the pressure points are massages, which relieves all foot pain. The skin softens and glows due to the moisturizing cream applied and scrubbing helps with cell replacement.

Pedicure has many physical benefits as well. Your pedicurist does a lot more than fiddling with your toes and pleasing you. They remove dead skin cells and calluses giving your skin a radiant appearance altogether. Calluses cause uneven pressures on your feet and can lead to pain if you are on your feet all day. Foot reflexology is used by many pedicurists to stimulate the blood flow in the feet and legs providing the feelings of relaxation while being massaged. It is one of the most crucial routines exercised in a manicure and pedicure.

Another important factor of pedicures is that during the massage certain spots on the feet send signals to other parts of the body that encourage overall improvement in body health. Rewarding your feet is rewarding yourself because the better your feet are overall, the better you feel. So really pamper your feet once in a while because they deserve it.

Ridhi Rajpal