How To Treat Discoloration Of Skin

Discoloration Of Skin One of the widespread skin problems that the individuals of the world are facing today is the discoloration of the skin. While describing the beauty of an individual, we define particular parts of the body of the individual like the eyes, nose, hair, chin, cheeks, lips, nails as well as the skin, which protects the different organs of the body from any harmful objects and ailments.

Sometimes it is seen that an individual has skin that has been discolored at certain places. When there is widespread discoloration of the skin, it is called as generalized discoloration while when the discoloration becomes visible on a single side; it is termed as segmental discoloration.

At times, we can find skin discoloration at a single or few places. It is known as focal discoloration. Orange skin, hypo pigmentation, paleness, yellow skin, melasma, redness, hyper pigmentation, vitiligo, cyanosis are the different types of discoloration of skin.

Skin discoloration can take place due to varied reasons. Faulty diet, diseases, incorrect selection of skin care products, medications, acne, aging, pollution effects, estrogen replacement therapy, excess exposure to sun, change of hormones, injury and pregnancy are some of the causes of discoloration of skin.

Redness of the skin, brown spots or patches of the skin, white spots of the skin etc are some of the symptoms of discoloration of skin. However, there are a lot of ways by which the discoloration of skin can be treated and here are some of them:

Sun plus sunscreen:

The best way to treat as well as avoid discoloration of skin is by avoiding direct exposure to sun and using sunscreen lotion while moving out of the house. When our skin is exposed to the direct rays of the sun, our body produces lots of melanin, which makes the skin look darker and discolored.

Hence, by avoiding sun our body will not need to produce extra melanin, thereby discoloration can be avoided. Again, if one at all needs to go out in the sun, sunscreen lotion should be applied all over the body in order to protect the body from sun as well as extra melanin, thus tackling skin discoloration problem effectively.

Sour milk:

Sour milk is known to be an effective natural remedy for discoloration of skin. Take some sour milk in the hand and rub it in the face as well as all the parts of the body where the skin discoloration has taken place. Wait for a few minutes until the milk dries on the skin. The lactic acid that is present in the milk will help in providing mild and temperate peeling effect without drying out or causing pain and irritation to the skin. Therefore, sour milk can be used successfully for the treating of skin discoloration.

Orange peels:

Orange peels are used for the making up of different kinds of masks and pastes that help in the treating of discoloration of skin. Take some orange peels and dry them in the sun. Now, take the dried peels and ground them to powder. Put these powdered dry peels inside a bowl and add some amount of raw milk to it.

Mix the raw milk as well as the dry powdered peels and apply it on the face and in the region of the body where skin discoloration has taken place. Wait till the paste dries up on the skin and rinse it off with the help of lukewarm water. This process has to be carried off until the skin discoloration is treated efficiently and successfully.

Sandalwood powder:

Take some amount of sandalwood powder in a bowl. Now, get a lemon and slice into two halves. Squeeze out the juice of the lemon and add it to the sandalwood powder. Mix the powder and the juice of lemon methodically and apply it to the face and in the areas of the body where there has been discoloration of the skin. Wait for about five to ten minutes and then wash off the face with the help of lukewarm water. Continue this method on a daily basis until the skin problem heals successfully.

Lemon juice:

Lemon has been used for the treating of various skin problems and skin discoloration is one such problem. Take two slices of lemon, squeeze out juice from both the pieces into a bowl, and apply the juice on the face as well as in those areas of the body where discoloration of skin has taken place.

This treatment has been in vogue since ancient times. However, another way of using lemon to treat skin discoloration is by rubbing the lemon half on the skin of the individual who is combating the problem. This process also has to be carried out regularly until the problem heals fruitfully.


The extract of the herb is used for the efficient treatment of skin discoloration. Take some amount of parsley juice. Now take equal amount of juice of red currant, lemon juice as well as orange juice. Add all these three juices to the parsley juice and mix all these juices thoroughly.

Now dip a finger into the mixture and apply it on to the areas of skin discoloration. Then take your preferred and much desired cream and apply it on the areas where the mixture has been applied. This process helps to treat skin discoloration problem smoothly and successfully.


Take a potato and peel off the skin of the potato. Now rub the skin of potato on the face and the places where skin discoloration has taken place. The vegetable has normal bleaching agents within it, which helps to fight the dark splotches that can crop up causing discoloration of the skin.

However, skin discoloration can also be successfully combated by applying the extract of the vegetable on the affected skin areas of the individual or by rubbing the peeled potato itself on the distressed areas of the skin. Hence, potatoes can also be used successfully for the efficient treating of skin discoloration. Following these simple remedies, you can treat discoloration of skin.

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