How To Treat Diaper And Face Rash

How To Treat Diaper And Face Rash Rashes on the face of a baby is a common phenomenon. It is common for parents to observe at least one single rash on the face of a newborn baby in the first year itself. It is a consoling fact that most of the rashes that are known to affect the newborn babies are not of serious magnitude. Most of the newborn infants suffer from red patches of skin infections known as Eczema.

Eczema should be treated at the initial stage itself otherwise it can become itchy and get worse. If in the case that a new born baby is affected with eczema, then it is necessary to make serious consultation with a pediatrician. It is possible to prevent the outbreak of eczema by making a slight change in the diet.

Tips To Treat Diaper And Face Rash

Possible Treatments

Treating the affected new-born baby with a slight moisturizing cream will go a long way in relieving the baby from itchy rashes. Petroleum jelly can always be applied to the affected skin of the new born baby immediately after bath. It is necessary to ascertain that the baby doesn’t get overheated. The highlighted above-mentioned points can help to avoid rashes among babies.

Tips To Treat Diaper And Face Rash

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If the above-described measures do not help then a steroid cream is necessary to prevent itchy rashes. One of the best possible treatments that can prevent rash on chest and face is to keep the area absolutely clean and hygienic.

Diaper Rash Treatments

It is necessary to frequently change the diapers. Clean diapers help to prevent baby rashes to a great extent. It is necessary to clean the baby after every bowel movement. It is also obligatory to make sure that no excess moisture remains in contact with the skin of the baby.

Rinsing the affected skin of the baby with Luke-warm water can prove to be quite beneficial. Barrier cream needs to be applied if the skin is cracked. It is also advised to ascertain that the skin of the baby is exposed to healthy atmospheric air.

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Avoid Using Steroid Creams

Rashes on the face and chest of a baby should heal within thee days if subjected to proper treatments. It is best advised to refrain from the use of steroid creams as well. Steroid creams can get easily absorbed into the main bloodstream and hence needs to be avoided under all possible circumstances. Use of a steroid cream should only be done under the medical prescription of a doctor only.

Avoid Using Steroid Creams

Treating the baby with a slight amount of cornstarch can also be beneficial in relieving from rashes. Use of talcum powder during baby rash is strongly discouraged as it may cause severe respiratory infections. There are certain types of baby rashes that hardly require any special medical treatments.

Erythema toxicum is a special type of baby rash that does not require medical attention and vanishes within a few weeks. Neonatal acne and milia are some common form of rashes that do not require any special medical attention either. If the above-mentioned medical attention does not help, then it is better to seek the consultation of a doctor.

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