How to Remove Grass Stains on Feet

As it is very hot summer season. The ritual of summer i.e. lawn mowing has started all around that seems never ending once it has started. It is the activity which is mostly performed in spring time, right as summer is approaching.

Grass grows and grows on with nonstop raining. Lawns are flooded with heavy rains so grass grows at much higher rate. The biggest problem which you face while mowing the damp grass is stains which are caused due to wet grass on your feet.

Below mentioned are some of the tips by which you can remove grass stains on feet:

Even if your children love to play outside in lawn, there is a chance that you’ve had to fight with grass stains. All of your pants or jeans are filled with grass. Also it lefts stains on your feet which is very big issue as these stains cannot be easily removed with the help of any soap or even scrubber. These grass stains can be difficult to remove if you don’t try to remove them quickly. These stains act as dye.  There is a way to remove these dirty grass stains from your feet.

Liquid dish soap can be applied to a damp wash cloth. Use this damp wash cloth and liquid dish soap to rub it on grass stain. Use the soap into the stain. You can also rub the stain using any scrub brush. Wash it with water. Then reapply the same damp wash cloth with some more liquid soap over it. Keep on rubbing the grass stain until you find it completely removed from your feet. Like this using liquid dish soap you can get rid of grass stains on your feet.

Vinegar is another best thing which can be used to remove dirty grass stains on your feet. Pour some lukewarm water into a bucket. Try to find some large bucket so that you can soak your feet in bucket properly. Soak your grass-stained feet in the bucket containing warm water for 3 to 6 minutes. Now add 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar to the bucket. Use any scrub brush to rub the grass stains on your feet. If the stains are hard you can apply vinegar directly to the brush. Keep on rubbing the stain out with scrub brush and soak feet in vinegar until you find the grass stain completely removed. Now use some towel to dry your feet.