How To Remove Acne Scars Using Olive Oil

How To Remove Acne Scars Using Olive Oil Acne is enough to take away one’s night sleep.Acne scar! No word to express one’s mental state. If acne scars have made your public meeting a nightmare then read this article carefully to get the solution of it with the easy available oil in the market.

If you don’t have any problem related to acne scar then also read this article to help out your near and dear ones who are suffering from acne scarsand find solutions in nothing.

Acne scars are the reflections of previous papules,acne pustules or cysts that are already healed. No need to mention that these pink, brown or red acne scars not only remind the pain of previous acne but also spoil the original beauty of one’s face and takes much time to fade away. In such pathetic condition, olive oil has miraculous effect on acne scars to be removed quickly.

Here Are Some Natural Ways To Remove Acne Scars Using Olive Oil

Massage With Olive Oil : Steam is must!

Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil and massage on your skin with deep circular finger strokes to make the dead scar tissue soft for four to five minutes. Leave it for another 5 – 6 minutes to soak it in the skin. Now take a bowl of scalding water and lean 18 – 20 inches over it to get the steam into your face.

Cover your head with a towel and continue this process for 5 – 10 minutes but not more than that. The complete process helps to loosen the scar skin. Repeated application will remove the scar skin quickly. It will definitely help you out in removing old as well as the new acne scars.

Mixture Of Baking Soda With Olive Oil

Less Known But iIt Works!

If you don’t want to opt for the above mentioned process then you can use olive oil scrub to remove the scars.To prepare the scrub all you need is baking soda and olive oil. Mix 1 tbsp olive oil with 1 tbsp baking soda and put it evenly onto your face. Now scrub the skin with the finger tip in a small circular stroke for 2 – 3 minutes.

How To Remove Acne Scars Using Olive Oil

Now, wipe your face with a warm wet cloth to remove the mixture.Try this mixture at home.It will effectively remove your acne scars within a short span of time.

Tea Tree Oil With Olive Oil

Tea tree oil is another important component to treat acne and acne scars.It works in a better way when it got mixed with olive oil. Mix 3 drops of tea tree oil with 5 drops of olive oil then apply the oil with cotton on the affected areas. Being an antimicrobial oil, tea tree oil protects the skin beneath the scar tissue.

Its antimicrobial properties help to reduce acne and also prevent acne to come back.To get the acne scar marks removed you have to apply one of the above mixtures twice in a day.Continue it for 7 – 10 days to get the scars fade away. Let your friends envy at your radiant skin. Don’t tell anybody its olive oil which did the wonder on your skin.