How To Prevent Stretch Mark?

stretch mark The external appearance is highly essential for most people. The confidence of an individual depends on his or her outward look. Stretch mark is a permanent tear on your skin which can make you feel highly concerned about your look. Lots of people both men and women suffer from this skin problem. These marks are unwanted problems that occur due to fast weight gain or loss.

Pregnancy in women is a common cause behind the development of stretch mark. These marks can also take place due to puberty in children. Most of the people who are suffering from this skin issue are in search for the most effective way that can help in preventing stretch mark. Fortunately, there are lots of methods nowadays that can help you in reducing these scars in your body.

Stretch Mark During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the happiest moment in the life of most women, along with emotional roller-coaster you have to go through many physical changes in your body. Preventing stretch mark is one of the biggest issues at this time and it would be best if you learn earlier how to prevent them. There are lots of theories which discuss about its appearance.

Stretch marks are white or red color lines on your skin which mostly come after an immediate weight gain. The skin in such area looks slightly separate from underlying layer which is called collagen. Stretch mark generally appears in such regions where fats are more like upper arms, breasts, thighs, and belly. Since today losing weight is not a big problem, in a similar way getting rid of your stretch mark is also not a difficult task.

How To Stop Stretch Marks

There are many ways through which it can be treated. You can go for preventive techniques before as well as during pregnancy. You can also treat the stretch mark afterwards to reduce its appearance. Try to stop them before it appears. It is not necessary that every woman will develop stretch marks while pregnant. It is difficult to remove stretch mark after pregnancy, therefore it is better you try to avoid it.

During pregnancy your skin rapidly stretches and this causes the layer of middle skin to get stretched beyond its limits. The sudden weight gain and loss automatically result in stretch mark that spreads on your skin. These marks may even develop from the topical medications which contain steroids or may be due to hormonal changes in your body. Stretch marks are common in women but men can also get these marks.

Natural Products

There are different types of natural creams that can be used. There are different types of natural ingredients that are quite powerful and effective in fighting the formation of these scars. Vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil are some of the ingredients that can be used to get rid of stretch mark. It is also important to have a healthy lifestyle if you want to prevent the development of these marks.

The products can be used at the specific times when there is risk of having these marks. These include puberty, while weight lifting and pregnancy.  The natural products are the best way of dealing with stretch mark. This is due to the reason that the do not result in irritation and have no side effects. You can also speak with your doctor about the natural supplements that you can use.

Creams That Can Help You

Stretch mark appears on the skin when the underlying tissue grows more quickly in comparison to the skin itself. This leads to small tears on the skin. You should be aware of your own body in order to fight these marks. You need to ensure that your skin is perfectly moisturized in order to prevent these scars. There are several creams that are available in the market that help in preventing these marks.

Stretch Mark Removal

However you need to perform a wide research to determine the most effective cream. A good cream will increase the elasticity of you skin and will also provide nutrients to the skin. This is effective in the prevention of stretch mark. The powerful ingredients in such cream will reduce the appearance of these marks. The skin will be strengthened and deeply conditioned by these creams. So an anti stretch mark cream can be highly useful for you.

Drink Water And Maintain A Good Diet

You must drink sufficient amount of water in order to prevent stretch mark. This will provide your skin with internal moisturizing. Tea and coffee should not be counted as a part of your water consumption. Apart from this you should also have a healthy food habit. Your diet must include green vegetables and fruits. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins. These will repair the tissue of the skin and protect it from stretch mark.

Some More Tips To Prevent Stretch Mark

The best thing is that there are number of ways through which you can prevent your stretch mark from appearing or if you are already facing this problem, then you can now reduce its appearance.  During pregnancy try to drink lots of water and keep your body completely hydrated. This actually helps the middle layer of the skin to have much more elasticity; this will make it easier for you to recover from stretching.

Moisturize your body often, it might seem tedious but to prevent stretch mark make use of the best moisturizer at least 4 times in a day. Doing this actually helps your skin’s outer layer to keep fully hydrated. Most of the expecting women use prenatal vitamins. You may think that they are just to benefit your baby, but it also beneficial for your skin. Vitamins A, C and E are important for improving the skin’s elasticity.

The Bottom Line

Apply lotions and creams to prevent the stretch mark lines. Many lotions contain cocoa butter, lanolin, or Shea butter. Using cream for preventing stretch mark will give positive results than the daily lotion. Creams stop the marks from appearing, and reduce the developed ones. Many women are going for different effective creams which are especially designed to prevent stretch mark and also the developed ones. So, learn more about stretch marks to prevent them from appearing.