How To Naturally Treat Dandruff

Shredding dead skin cells is our skin’s natural way of rejuvenating and staying health, fresh, and brand new. Every month or so, or a duration of about 30 days, our skin entirely changes, so it can be considered as obtaining a brand new skin suit every month. This is because all the dead skin cells are shredded off and replaced by new and fresh ones from underneath.

Dandruff is also the shredding of the skin cells in our scalp; however the problem is the fungus present in our scalp. This is the reason why dandruff becomes so visible and unappealing. Malassezia is the fungus that multiplies faster than rabbits on your scalp and causes the visible problem of dandruff. In addition to that it causes your scalp to itch unbelievably as well. The production of oil in the scalp and the regulation and health of the hair are all compromised and affected by the growth and development of dandruff.

Are you considering throwing all your dark colored clothes out? Do you really believe that is the best solution to you persistent problem of dandruff? Your friends and/or peers might have laughs about you having “snow fall;” however you must remember that the problem of dandruff arises due to improper hair care and hair hygiene.

However do not lose all hope yet because there are a lot of ways to easily treat dandruff. Moreover all these problems are easily treatable using home remedies such as consistent shampooing with good shampoos and other important hair care tips. All you should remember is to be cautious and regularly attentive to taking care of your hair.

Consistently Shampoo Your Hair

People do not realize the importance of shampooing the hair. It is the most important aspect of having excellent hair. Shampooing your hair removes all the built up germs, dirt, and oils and refreshes the entire scalp. It also provides the hair with proteins and vitamins present in the shampoo and in addition to that it helps the hair grow as well. As it removes all the old oils from the scalp it makes place for the production of new oils and also makes it easier for new skin cells to surface for replacement. Shampooing daily will only make your hair healthier and not affect in a bad way. Just remember to make sure the water is not very hot.

Experiment With Your Hair Care Products

Never choose to stay with just one brand or type of hair product. This is because melassezia is an infection that has the ability to adapt to the type of hair care products you are using. As such every few months, usually about 4 to 6 months, be sure to change your bath care products entirely. You can experiment with herbal hair care products, as they are free of chemicals and very friendly to the hair. You can also try very different types of products that are focused on specific parts of hair health such as hair growth or strength.

Lathering – Try It Twice

Why would you want to hurry in the shower when the health of your hair is at risk? Take your time and ensure all the right steps. Take your time to perfectly lather your hair and do the entire process twice. You need to understand that first round of lathering the hair helps eliminate all the flakes, loose dirt, and germs. The second lathering is to enrich your hair with the protein and vitamins of the shampoo as it will all penetrate your scalp and help in improving the health of your hair.

Rinsing Is Very Important

rinse your hair

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You can use home products like lemon juice, or even a creme rinse to rinse your hair. It you like your hair to be free of the aroma or smells of the shampoos then it is best to apply this type of a rinse because it will make your hair odorless. In addition to that rinsing is a suitable replacement for conditioning and they can help dry up the scalp by removing all the extra oils and fats.

Do Not Scratch Your Scalp

Just like scratching a pimple or acne leaves scars, the same goes for scratching your scalp when you dandruff. Yes it is true that the scalp gets extremely irritating and itchy with dandruff, and the reason for that is the fungus and infection moving around. The movements are sensitive enough to be felt by the nerve endings in our scalp and are transmitted across and signaled as feelings of scratching. Always avoid scratching because this will only work for the dandruff’s benefit and aim of spreading all around the scalp. Resist your scratching and itching and keep your hands away from your hair.

Avoid Excess Sweating – Shower

Sweating is an individual activity as it depends on person to person. Some people sweat uncontrollably and some people find it very hard to break a little sweat after intensely physically exerting themselves. If you do tend to sweat quite a bit, then the best thing to do is, as soon as you get a chance, to take a nice cold shower. A cold shower, or a shower nonetheless, will do wonders in washing away all the sweat and acquired dirt and germs. As such your scalp will stay less itchy and free of sweat. This will make it much harder to the fungus to live in because they prefer wet and moist environments over dry ones.


Dandruff is a problem that can drive people absolutely mad. It looks bad; it is demoralizing, and very irritating to the person as well. As such just remember to not scratch, because the more you scratch the more dandruff will flake off and worsen the problem. It can be an embarrassing problem but with the right precautions it can be easily treated using only home remedies. It is simply an infection of a specific type of germ, and like every other infection there are lots of home remedies that can come together and effectively make dandruff disappear, giving you, clean, shiny, and very healthy hair.


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