How to Know Sunburn Symptoms

Often we stay longer in the sun, it can be very bad for the skin. Sometimes we just try to bake ourselves a bit longer in the sun but all these can be severely harmful. The skin can be burnt.

There are many symptoms through which you can check whether you have a sun burn or not.  Here are some of the symptoms related to sun burn. If you think that you have been in the sun for a bit longer, you need to get it checked from a doctor because it can be very harmful for your skin.

The first symptom of a sun burn is the pain. You will pain in the affected part. Apart from the pain the sun burnt area will give an appearance of redness. The other symptom is that your skin will become painful whenever it comes in touch with an object.

You can also feel the pain when you are taking the shower. All these are the symptoms of burn. The pain is always accompanied by sun burn. If there is intense pain in the skin, then it is a severe case of sun burn.

The skin blisters are another symptom for severe skin burn. You can observe some boils on the skin. Theses blisters are clearly seen on the skin therefore it is easily diagnosed. In this case you need an early help. You need to get medical attention really quickly to save yourself from further damage.

Another symptom for sun burn is dehydration. You will feel severely dehydrated. The dehydration will be often accompanied with mild fever. Also if you are feeling that your stomach is not well and at the same time you are having high temperatures then you are having sun burn.

You need medical attention at the earliest. All these symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of flu. The above are some of the most common symptoms of sun burn. Sun burn can be very harmful and you need medical attention at the earliest possible. The earlier the medical attention, the better. A delay can be really very harmful.