How to Get Smoky Eyes

Something that never goes out of fashion is smoky eyes. They are so in these days that almost every woman wants to get the smoky eye. It’s quite a trend now and seems like it is here to stay. Good thing is that it is not at all difficult to get this look. So here is the procedure of how you can get them. You have to be very sure that all the colors used are blended well.

A light pair base with dark color is the ideal pairing. A good option would be to use gold base and on top, deep purple. Champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green are also good combinations.

Firstly, take eye shadow base but before using it, you may dab at bit MAC paint on lids. Take a black eye liner and apply above the upper lash line. You must draw line thicker in the middle eye area. For color on the bottom, you have to get lighter eyeliner and then smudge it. Apply a small amount of shadow to get the full smudging effect.

Apply light base color, may be the cream color. Sweep it over the lips of brow bone of yours. Blend in the darker color so as to give the smoky effect to your eyes. Use eyebrow brush to blend the dark color. You must start doing it from lash line, blending it up. You must take care of the fact that the color blends into the lash line so as to make the eye liner disappear. Stop the process at crease. You may do the blending process with Q- tip if needed.

Finish off the whole process by applying several coats of volumizing mascara. This would give your eyes a fuller look. It also helps to make your eyes look bigger and in fact, mascara is the key of highlighting the smoky effect on the eye. Just for the sake of experimentation, you may use blue or purple maraca instead of the black one. It may look great on you. So now that you know how to get it, do not be afraid to try it the next time you go out.