How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Many people are still confused by the word blackhead. They often wonder what this actually is. By definition blackheads are spots, rather clogged hair follicles. They contain either modified sebum or keratin that turns dark and black in color as it oxidizes.

This is known as a blackhead. People start having these during their teenage years first. This is because teenage years are the time when our body goes through the major changes that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. A blackhead is not an infection of any type. It happens simply due to formation and build up of excess oil in the pores of the skin.

There are a few ways of treating blackheads, but there is one that dermatologists recommend the most. It is by squeezing the blackhead area from opposite sides towards each other. This way you will and can squeeze out the deposits that have formed the blackhead.

You can either use your fingers to do the squeezing or you can use blackhead removal devices that are readily available in the market. Remember to wash the clogged area with some type of antiseptic first as this will help remove any dirt and/or germs that may be there.

While using your fingers, it is important that your nails do not make contact with the blackhead area because they can cause bleeding and damage to your skin. This can be very painful and unhygienic. You can find many different types of blackhead removal devices in the market.

There are blackhead removing tweezers, blackhead removal strips, special soaps and creams. If not your fingers then go for something you will find user friendly and not confusing. Try to avoid using soaps or creams for removing blackheads as they may contain chemicals that can potentially harm your skin.

It also becomes important for you to try and take steps so that your blackheads do not reappear. For this make sure you scrub your skin at least once every week if not twice. Remember to constantly wash your face with just water. Blackheads can be easily removed but it’s better to not have them altogether.


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