How To Do A Spa At Home

Nothing refreshes and rejuvenates a body than a pampering spa treatment. You can enrichen the spa experience by doing it within the comforts of your own home. At home spa treatment will also cost you a fraction of what you would give at a salon.

Begin by creating a mood. Dim the lights since the bright, harsh and glaring lights will never let you relax. A good idea would be to turn off all the electric lights and light the room with rose or jasmine scented candles. Put on soft music that will help you slip into a serene mood. Ensure that the room is clutter free otherwise you will find yourself worrying about cleaning the room.

Set up three or four tables in the room. Each table should have products required for a specific treatment. Include facial cleansers, scrubs, masks, fragrant oils, creams and lotions on one table. Keep your manicure set including nail enamels and cotton buds on another table. Place clean towels and robes on another table. It is important to have all the spa products handy before you start with the treatment. You don’t want to stress yourself by running in between searching for the products.

Prepare a refreshing drink for yourself and some healthy snacks to nibble on as you get on with the spa. You can put the drinks and refreshments on a table near you. Cocktails and mocktails make excellent drinks when you want to relax. Fruit salads and cheese go well with these drinks.

Make a neat pile of books and magazines for you to read through when you are soaking your body in a warm bath or treating your tired feet to a well deserved manicure. Select light reading; gossip, health and travel related magazines are best read when indulging your body.

Spa treatments are head-to-toe treatments. So do not ignore any body part. Hair care is as important as skin care. Start your spa with a hair wash. After shampoo apply a hair spa cream and leave it on. Hair spa treatments usually take an hour’s time. Pile your hair on top and soak your body in the luxurious bath that you have prepared. As your body relaxes your hair also get pampered.

Perform manicure while still in bath. Manicure is easier to do in the bath tub than pedicure. If you wish to leaf through a magazine quickly dry the new enamel on your nails using blow dryer.

The idea of a spa treatment is to help your mind and body relax. If a spa at home is too much trouble then visit a salon for a session of pampering.