How To Deal With Skin Cancer Effectively

signs of skin cancer Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. In skin cancer, like any other type of cancer; the skin cells begin to grow with a vigorous speed. When these cells multiply in a large scale, a tumour is formed. This tumour is known as lesion. This is nothing but the skin cancer in other term. These tumours can reach to the remote body organs through blood. This process of uncontrolled growth of cells and their spread to other organs is known as metastasis.

Skin cancer is a slow developing disease. If the severe skin infections are observed and they are left as it is without guaranteed treatment, they may turn into a cancer after 15-20 years. To successfully deal with it, one needs to know its proper prevention and treatment. There are three major types of skin cancer namely; squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Melanoma is most critical of the three.

General Causes of Skin Cancer

Extreme exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sun leads to the severe skin burn. If this skin problem is ignored and kept untreated for long, it can develop into serious skin cancer.

Weak immune system is also one of the common reasons for skin cancer for the people above 45.

People having fairer complexion are usually seen more prone to this type of cancer. This is because fair skin is more delicate and sensitive to sunlight or other harsh environmental conditions.

One more significant cause of skin cancer is genetic factors. This cancer can be transferred from one generation to the other through genes.

Skin Cancer Prevention

The most important thing you have to do is preventing your skin from ultraviolet radiations. While going out use sunscreen lotion. Avoid unnecessary exposure of skin to sunlight especially in summer.

Wear full sleeves’ and light colored garments while going out in summer. Use sunglasses whenever necessary.

Wash your body as many times as possible in summer and drink sufficient water. Include fresh watery fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Take necessary actions to make your immune system stronger.

Skin Cancer Treatment

One needs to begin the treatment of skin cancer as soon as the first symptoms are observed. Early treatment can increase the chances of its complete cure.
The mode of treatment is decided according to the location of tumour, its size and its spread. The tumour of the skin cancer is removed by cutting it off through surgery. The operated skin is again stitched back. While operating the tumour some nearby tissues are also targeted to clear away any diseased tissues if present around. This is essential to reduce the chances of reoccurrence of the cancer.

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy is the frequently used treatment for cancer. In this treatment, strong radiations are directed towards the cancer affected area to kill the affected cells. In this case, most of the times some nearby healthy cells also get damaged. This can show severe hair-loss or some other health issues.

A mild skin cancer can be cleared away using curettage method. After this treatment the remaining traces of skin cancer cells are killed off through Electrodessication.


Curaderm-BEC5 is a topical skin cream. It contains a mixture of solamargine, solasonine and tryglicosides which benefits in destroying the cancer cells without harming any healthy cells.

Cryosurgery is one more method to wipe out the cancer cells. In this method, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the affected skin cells and kill them.

Besides these treatments, you can use ‘Controlled Amino Acid Therapy’ through which the affected cells are killed and healthy cells are nourished properly. This treatment works effectively when used either alone or along with any other type of treatment.

The cancer patients are physically and mentally disturbed to a large extent. The easy practices like aromatherapy, massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, etc. become powerful for stress management and physical comfort.

Like other types of cancer, skin cancer is equally difficult to deal with. It is a bit challenging to detect the skin cancer in preliminary stages. In the beginning, it seems like some skin disease and the treatment is provided accordingly. A person keeps on fighting with the skin trouble for long and after 15-20 years, he/she finds out that it is not a normal skin disease but skin cancer. In this painful situation; luck, love and encouragement are the essential things a patient badly needs. However, if you have excellent doctor and excellent treatment, you can definitely hope to get through all the dangers.