How to Clean Your Face with Oil

It is a known fact that “oil cleanses oil”. Therefore number oil cleaning methods are being used now days. It is a natural way to get radiantly clear skin.

Synthetics and harsh chemical agents that are present in soaps and creams can damage your skin. It strips of the natural oil that is present in the skin. They can also cause skin eruptions and irritations as some people have sensitive skin.

Thus if you clean your face with natural oils it not only help to maintain skin’s natural oils but also dissolves impurities present in the pores of skin. It prevents wrinkles and keeps your skin healthy to function properly.

Follow the steps below to clean your face with oil:

Prepare your cleaner by mixing oils together in a small bottle. Shake it well and with this you’ve got your home made facial cleanser. The most popular oil that you can use is castor oil and extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil is a best moisturizer which helps in healing and nourishing of the skin. Castor oil pulls out dirt from your pores. So the blend of both the oils will give you radiantly glowing skin.

Rub it gently on your face. Put some oil on your palm and rub your hands together. Now start massaging on your face slowly with your fingertips. Apply oil on dry face. Repeat massaging for about a minute while enjoying peaceful massage. Avoid scrubbing, just rub it with oil.

Steam your face with washcloth. Wet it in hot water and then put it over your face. Place it there until it reaches room temperature. It will help in removing impurities from pores and dead skin cells. It will take about a minute only. This is free facial which you can do any time at your home as per your convenience.

Relax yourself after wiping off the oil. Take the washcloth and rinse it. Then wipe off the oil gently from our face. You will feel soft skin immediately after cleansing your skin with oil. Your skin should feel clean, soft and moist. If skin feels dry apply some oil to moisturize it.