How To Avoid Ringworm Rash

Ringworm Rash treatmentRingworm also known as dermatophytosis, is a widespread disorder of skin that is caused by a fungus. This fungal infection is a clinical condition which can take place among animals like cats, sheep and cattle and can even cause infection or rashes among the human beings. In the human beings, ringworm can affect the skin surface of the body, areas in and around groin, nails, scalp or the feet.

Tinea is the medical term that is used for ringworm. The scalp ringworm is known as tinea capitis, the ringworm that affects the body of the individual is known as tinea corporis, the ringworm that affects the feet is termed as tinea pedis and so on. This fungal rash can take place among the individuals of all ages but the rash has been mostly found to occur mostly among the children.

Ringworm rash is an extremely widespread skin rash that is caused by the fungus. This rash is also contagious and those individuals who are affected by it should take steps on an urgent basis to get himself treated so that the fungal rashes are not further passed on to others who are around him. Ringworm rashes are shaped in the form of a ring and hence the term “ringworm” is used. It is not a worm but a fungal infection that causes the rash.

This rash usually takes place in the moist and warm areas of the body like the underarms or groin. Ringworm rashes can be treated easily but will not heal on its own and might lead to the cracking or blistering of the affected areas of the skin of the sufferer. There are a lot of natural methods of treating ringworm rashes and here are some of these ways:


This herb has been extremely useful for the fighting back of various skin disorders and infections. It is for this very reason a number of creams, tinctures as well as ointment have been prepared from this herb so that the individuals who do not .have direct access to the herb can procure it from the market and avail its benefit.

The astringent, antifungal as well as the healing properties of the products of calendula (like the creams, ointments and tinctures) are used for the treating of the ringworm rashes. Dilute any of these products in warm water and then apply it to the affected ringworm rash areas of the skin at least two to three times in a day. It is an effective natural remedy for ringworm rash.

Chamomile tea:

This tea is prepared from the chamomile herb that comes from the daisy family flowering plant. This tea is prepared from both the dried as well as the fresh chamomile flowers. Chamomile tea is extremely popular all over the globe for its various health benefits on the individuals.

Not only is the tea efficient in the treating of ringworm rashes of the human beings, it is also useful for the treating of various ailments like panic attacks, insomnia, burns, wounds, scrapes, psoriasis, chicken pox, menstrual cramps and so on. Prepare the tea with the help of chamomile flowers and consume it at least thrice daily. It is an effective remedy for ringworm rashes. Again, prepare the tea and soak a cotton ball in it. Now apply this soaked cotton ball on the ringworm rashes, three times a day. It is an effective remedy for ringworm.

Ginger tea:

Ginger tea is extremely beneficial for the individuals suffering from ringworm rash. This tea is made from fresh or even dried up ginger root that is cut into small pieces. Take a pan and add eight ounces of water to it. Now heat the pan of water and put around two onces of ginger root that has been cut into small pieces in the water. Allow the water to boil for around 10-15 minutes. Take the pan out of the heat and add tea leaves to the boiled water.

Now the tea leaves should be allowed to soak water. Strain the mixture and pour it in a cup. The ginger tea is now ready and should be consumed at least thrice daily. Studies show that ginger tea has over twenty antifungal compounds and hence this drink is extremely effective for the treating of ringworm rash. Besides this, the ginger tea can also be applied to the rash affected areas of the body by soaking a cotton ball in the drink and applying it to the areas of the body that has been affected by skin rash.


From the ancient times, garlic has been used for the treating of various infections that crop up in the body of the human beings from time to time. The antiseptic properties of garlic are the key for making it into a helpful remedy for ringworm rashes. Take some amount of fresh garlic and either grate or chop it into small pieces. Now the garlic piece has to be placed on the area that has been affected with ringworm rashes and wrapped up with a fresh plastic foil.

Band aid can also be used to keep the pieces or grated garlic in proper place. In the beginning, the area will burn for sometime but it has to be left in the same position for the whole of the night. This method has to be continued for at 5-6 nights until the rashes subside and heal. Garlic has always been admired for its antifungal properties and studies show that intake of garlic regularly raises the antifungal activities of the blood of the people who consume it.


The tea made with the help of lemongrass is always helpful for the combating of ringworm rashes. Peel off the outer layer of the lemongrass leaves and throw them away. Boil a cup of water and add some amount of peeled leaves in it. Allow it to soak and then strain it. Add sweetener to taste and the tea is ready. Consume lemongrass tea at least thrice a day for the effective treating of ringworm rashes.