Homemade Tips For Cleansing Skin In Summer

Homemade Tips For Cleansing SkinWinters are gone and summers are knocking on the door with full blown heat and making skin dehydrated and rough. We need extra care for keeping our skin fresh and glowing to fight the heat of summers.

Every woman wants to look her best be it house wife or working woman and skin is the most important part of our body which makes us look beautiful . So if we take proper care of our skin with some natural home-made remedies then we care preserve the moisture of our skin and look the best in the skin we are in.

This does not require any extra effort from your side it is just some daily routine which you need to follow which hardly take 10-15 minutes and you can sport beautiful skin this summer. So let the weather change and you are ready with yourself homemade skin care tips to fight this summer and keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Cleansing your skin

With the rising pollution in the environment it is becoming very important to keep our skin clean. Have you ever noticed how much dirt , seat and oil gets deposited in 24 hours on our face and just remember even if you are staying inside your house then too these pollutants are making your skin dirty . That is why cleansing is very important for our skin to breathe and look healthy. So to have a clear and glowing skin you need to clean it every day and in right way too. Let us check out the correct way of cleansing your skin.

Steps for cleansing

Face steaming

Boil some water and keep it in a bowl and then cover your head with a towel and bend over the bowl. Remember not to bring your face too close to the hot water as you might get burnt. Do the steaming for 7-10 minutes and if you cannot do it continuously for 10 minutes just give some gaps in between to breathe.

Washing with cleanser and warm water

Choose a perfect cleanser according to your skin type like if your skin is dry choose a cleanser with moisturiser so that it does not make your skin more dry or if your skin is oily choose a cleanser which is herbal and medicated  so that it does not hurt your pimples or acnes. Water used for washing your face should not be hot it should be just Luke warm. Luke warm water helps in removing oils and dust stuck in your skin pores thus giving it cleaner look.

Rinse your face

Thorough rinsing of face is required so that no amount of cleanser is left on your face and the final rinsing should be done with cold water to make your skin feel cool and helps in closing the open pores too.

Pat It dry

It is very important to pat dry your face and never rub it with a soft towel. Rubbing your face might give scars or rashes on your face and it helps in spreading bacteria too.


Let your skin without any cream for 1-2 minutes so that it gets dry and cool totally and no water is left on your skin and then pamper your skin with good moisturiser of your choice.

Things to remember while Cleansing

Cleansing of skin is very important in the night, rather more important than washing your face in the morning. The reason being all the dirt and dust sticking to your face remains stuck on your skin the whole night thus not letting it to breathe and rejuvenate so a clean skin at night will be able to recover well and breathe well too.

Never use soap on your face, it will make your skin alkaline, always use a nice cleanser or a face wash. If your skin is oily to combination skin then you can go for cleansing milk too.

Do not steam your face every day, if you are using a cleanser everyday. Just once or twice a week is enough for steaming on your face.

For complete cleansing of skin steaming once in a week is necessary. If your skin is dry then steam it for just five minutes and if it is oily then steam it for tem minutes in a week.

Do not wash your face very frequently as it will rob your skin of all the moisture and it will look very dry and rough.
Take a bath twice in a day, this will keep your skin free from dirt and keep away any type of body odour too due to sweat during summers. This is very important to keep your skin healthy and fresh during summers.

Use face wash or face gel or cleansing milk as your skin requires. You should sprinkle your face with cold water two to three times in a day. This will help your skin to breathe nicely and the skin will not become sticky also due to oil and sweat. But always remember that the water should not be very hot or very cold. Always be sure of the ingredients of your cleanser. Because your skin might be sensitive to some chemicals and they might harm your skin.

Home-made tips for cleansing

If allergic to chemicals then why not make some good cleansers at home itself and give your skin cleaner look. If you do not want to use any cleanser then mix powdered almonds in milk and rose water and make a tick paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck and let it dry and after 5-6 minutes wash it with cold water.

3 teaspoons of Fuller’s Earth( multani mitti), 1 teaspoon curd , half tomato and 4 drops of orange essential oil should be mixed together in a thick paste form and apply this face mask on your face for 20 minutes , it will make your skin glow.

Mix 1 teaspoon honey, 4 drops of lime juice, a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of water and make a paste. Apply this paste for 4-7 minutes on your face and them wash it with cold water and just see how your skin becomes fresh and shiny.