Homemade Scrubs For Smoother Skin

Our skin is constantly being exposed to the environment, and as a result it suffers damage and dryness. This makes the skin rough in texture and harsh to the touch. However, one can quite easily reverse the damage on the skin by using scrubs to clean it, which remove the dry and dead skin cells.
Although there are a number of scrubs present in the market, many people prefer using homemade scrubs for smoother skin. Such scrubs can be made from a number of basic materials present in our kitchens. They are inexpensive and make sure that the skin becomes soft and supple. Two of the most effective homemade ones are salt and sugar scrubs.

Homemade salt scrubs utilize large bits of rock salt or sea salt to scrape away the damaged cells present on the skin. One popular homemade salt scrub can be made by mixing sea salt, honey, oatmeal, vanilla and green tea. The scrub is made by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and later applying on the skin. The honey and vanilla soothe the skin while the oatmeal and green tea soften it to make it smooth to the touch.

Another homemade scrub for smoother skin can be made by mixing rock salt with glycerine, lavender oil and almond oil. When mixed together, the oils combine to soften the skin as the salt smoothes it.

Homemade sugar scrubs are used on sensitive skin, since sugar is gentler to the touch, than salt. Brown sugar is quite popular ingredient used for making home scrubs for smoother skin. Along with lemon juice, honey and a little coconut oil, brown sugar enriches the skin while toning and softening it. Sugar scrubs can also be made by combining oil and strawberries with sugar or by adding ground coffee to any of the above mixtures.

A mixture of cocoa powder, oatmeal, brown sugar and some vanilla makes for a luxurious sugar body scrub. The best way to apply the homemade scrubs is to first lather on some soap and then massage the scrub into the skin gently. The oil based scrubs can be directly massaged on to the skin without using soap. Wash the scrub away after ten-fifteen minutes for smooth and glowing skin.