Home Cures For Excessive Facial Sweating

Home Cures For Excessive Facial Sweating Excessive sweating on the face can lead to extreme humiliation for the person suffering from this condition. You may feel low and uneasy if your face starts sweating at the middle of a conference or a social gathering. Therefore, you should try to find a permanent solution for this problem.

Home-based remedies can be used for curing excessive facial sweating. These remedies are safe, easy and affordable to most of the people. Some of the options are discussed in details below.

Home Cures For Excessive Facial Sweating

Importance of Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are some useful home cures, which can give relief from excessive facial sweating. Witch hazel is one such herb, which has excellent sweat controlling properties. Its astringent properties can tighten the skin cells and thus, restricts excessive perspiration.

You can consume some essential herbal juices such as, sage tea, chamomile tea, turnip juice, tomato juice, etc. in order to reduce facial sweating. It is better to consume them in the morning. Another important remedy is a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and raw honey. You can consume four teaspoons of this mixture before each of the three meals. You can apply a paste of sandalwood powder and milk on your face and then, clean the dried pack with rose water.

Importance of Diet

Diet is one of the best remedies, which can be practiced at home. You should drink lots of fresh fruit juices and herbal teas in order to reduce your stress level. Water is beneficial for removing harmful toxins from your body. Fibrous foods like fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, etc. are essential for keeping your system cool.

You should certainly avoid some food items, which excite the nervous system. Some of them include alcoholic beverages, colas, coffee, milk tea, red meat, etc. You should also avoid certain vegetables like onion, asparagus, garlic, broccoli, etc. These foods not only increase the amount of perspiration but also produce a bad smell.

Importance of Suitable Attire

Clothing or attire is one of the most important things, which can control sweat formation. It is preferred to wear loose cotton clothes for proper air ventilation. This helps in keeping the body cool which, in turn, reduces excessive perspiration. Light colored clothes can also provide comfort by reflecting back the heat.

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On the other hand, dark-colored clothes, tight-fitted bulky clothes and synthetic materials trap the heat and reduce airflow. You should also wear socks, which are finely knitted and lightweight. You should not keep your feet covered all the time as sweat accumulated on the feet can generate heat on all parts of the body including your face.

Importance of Stress Reduction

Stress and anxiety are some of the worst reasons behind excessive facial sweating. Therefore, you should definitely try to keep these emotions under control. Your home is the best place to relax. You should have enough sleep at night in order to relax your senses. You can take a nice shower or a relaxation bath in your bathroom. You can even meditate in a peaceful and quite room for better relief.