Herbal Skin Treatment And Its Long Lasting Benefits

herbal skin care The proper care of your skin is very important if you want to keep your skin lively and glowing. For every woman it is very important to look very beautiful when they are out with their husbands or boyfriends. And it is even more important to look the best when they go out with their friends. For men, they want to look clean and not dirty. They want to look very handsome when they go out on dates. Hence it is very important for you to take very good care of your skin, to be your best.

Nothing in this world is achieved without effort. Therefore you need to know a little bit more about your skin in order to take proper care of it. You might have used a lot of things so far, without much result. And even if you have got result, it lasted for only a very short span of time. But here you will get some very attractive methods with which you can easily take care of your skin. So get ready to enjoy the long lasting happiness of having a perfect skin.

Know Your Skin

The first step in taking care of your skin is to know your skin in a better way. There are mainly five skin types: dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin and combination skin. These are the five varieties, now it is your duty to judge your skin and know your particular skin type. A bit more detail on the skin types might help you to know your skin better.

Dry skin

In some people the oil glands are not very active; hence they do not produce enough sebum to keep the skin naturally glowing. The skin looks dull and dry as the natural lubrication is absent. This type of skin generally feels dry and gets itchy.

Oily skin

The oil glands of some people are over active; therefore they produce more sebum than required. In such cases, the skin looks greasy; it has a very shiny and slippery texture and mostly forms clogged pores. A very acute problem of this skin is the formation of acne, by trapping of sebum inside the skin.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is actually more of a skin condition than a skin type which is why we actually feel it. This type of skin can be dry, normal or oily. This type of skin needs special treatment as it reacts to environmental conditions. Artificial colors, synthetically manufactured creams and oils or cosmetics containing alcohol have adverse effects on this type of skin.

Normal skin

This type of skin is definitely a blessing as it requires much less attention than other skin types. Normal skin has a moderate secretion of sebum making it neither too dry, nor too oily. This skin has a vibrant and moist look.

Combination skin

this type of skin is characterized by two different types of facial skin types. It generally has two areas of skin type, the‘t-zone’ which is the forehead, nose and chin is the oily area. And the skin around the eyes, cheeks and mouth is the dry area. Therefore that particular person will have a combination of two skin types which needs different skin treatments.

Care For Your Skin

Now that you know what type of skin you have, you should choose the best treatment for your skin in order to keep it fresh and healthy. The skin on your body is a very delicate part of you. Therefore harsh treatments will spoil it more than making it better. So you should always go for the softer option for your skin.

The softer and best care of your skin can be done by herbal methods. Here are a few simple herbal methods for you so that you can get a long lasting and beautiful skin.

A very intelligent and easy herbal way to take care of your skin is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This helps in proper digestion and keeps the stomach clear, hence the skin remains healthy. Drinking a mixture of honey and water every day in the morning will help your skin.

Another method suggested by herbal treatment experts is to follow a proper diet of your food. Your food should not be too oily, or too spicy. It should be easily digestible, and it should meet your nutrient requirements, so that you can stay healthy. Vitamins A and C should be included in your diet. These are a few herbal mixtures which can help to maintain your skin.

Tips On Having Smooth Skin

The best natural moisturizer for your skin is milk. Applying milk on your skin will help to keep it smooth.

A mixture of sandal wood, olive oil and turmeric is very rejuvenating when applied on your whole body. Take a shower after keeping this mixture on your body for 10-15 minutes.

Mix lemon juice with warm honey and apply this mixture on your face. Wash it off after it is dry. It keeps your skin fresh.

Add 4-5 drops of milk to a mixture of rose water and sandalwood powder. Apply this mixture on your face and body. Take a shower after 15 minutes, and see the difference in your skin.

Why You Should Choose Herbal Methods For Your Skin?

If you are confused about using herbal products then you should know a bit more. Herbal methods have been used and accepted in the world from the ancient ages. This is because the results of herbal products are unmatched, extraordinary, and tend to last much longer than other treatment methods. The best part of herbal methods is it comes without side effects. Other types of treatments always have some side effects and do not last more than a few weeks or months.

But choosing herbal methods will give you very satisfactory results which will last for years as they are entirely natural and cleanses your skin from within.
Allow your skin to enjoy the marvelous results of herbal treatments. Be delicate to your skin, avoid synthetic and artificial methods. Let your skin be treated with the natural elements. Choose wisely, and enjoy the beauty that longer.