Herbal Skin Care

In the ancient times, herbal skin care products were the only way to take care of one’s skin. However, in the recent times, skin care underwent a massive change due to the introduction of various chemical based and synthetic skin care products.

All these commercial skin care products contain preservatives and chemicals which reduce their effectiveness in taking care of our skin. Thus, more and more people are now turning to Herbal skin care products for nurturing their skin.

Here are some of the most effective and popular herbal skin care products being used these days:

Aloe Vera

Extracted from the leaves of Aloe plant, it is one of the greatest products for herbal skin care. Fresh Aloe Vera acts as a natural hydrant and helps in soothing the skin. It is also very effective in treating sun burns as well as in healing cuts.

Chamomile / Dandelion / Rosemary / Lime Flowers

These herbs have great cleansing properties due to which they work wonders as skin cleansers. On mixing with other herbs such as tea, their skin care properties are invoked further.

Lavender / Thyme / Fennel / Marigold

These herbs possess antiseptic properties which make them perfect for use on the skin. Rose water and lavender water can also be used as toners.

Tea Extracts

Tea extracts are good for treating the skin damaged due to exposure to UV radiations.

Lavender Oil / Primrose Oil / Tea Tree Oil / Borage Oil

Oils made using different herbal extracts are also great for use in herbal skin care. Oils extracted from melon, apple, banana and other such fruits are also used in the form of shower gels.

Herbal skin care is not just great for nourishing the skin but also helps in getting rid of various skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. The greatest thing about herbal skin care products is that they do not have any side-effects. Also, they can be prepared at home quite easily.So, if you do not want to harm your skin in the effort to nourish it, herbal skin care is the right way to go.

Preeti Mehta