Hair Care Tips

If you have normal hair, use a mild shampoo and a light conditioner. Still if your hair gets damaged massage them with lukewarm oil. Avoid using high alcohol products and stay away from blow drying.

For oily hair, use a mild shampoo which can be used frequently, and wash off the shampoo from your hair completely with cold water. For conditioning your hair, make use of a very light conditioner on the hair strands. Don’t apply the conditioner on your scalp as this will give rise to the problem of dandruff. Avoid oily foods. Drink plenty of water and keep away from stress.

For dry hair, use a moisturizer based shampoo. Massage with lukewarm oil is also beneficial. It’s better to let these kinds of hair dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer to dry them.

If your hair is thin or too fine, apply a gentle hair nourishing mask. These masks provide nourishment and moisten the hair without making them sticky or oily. You can use a good herbal shampoo and conditioner as well. These will give more volume to your hair and they will look healthy.

Today it’s very common to find that hairs are getting gray prematurely. Most often the hair gets white due to insufficient quantity of melanin pigment (this pigment gives color to hair). Besides melanin, other reasons for premature graying of hair are genetic tendency, stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution, deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin D, etc. To avoid premature gray hair take a balanced diet. To hide gray hair you can use a good quality hair color.

Colored hairs need special care. Massage them once in 15 days with warm oil. Apply hair nourishing mask. These masks will provide nourishment and your hair will also not look oily.

If you have colored your hair, its better to use an UV filter based color care shampoo. This shampoo will condition your hair and will also protect them from harmful UV rays of the sun. It also does not fade your hair color too.

Too much use of harsh shampoo will make your hair brittle and dry causing it to break off. Choose hair products carefully to avoid any hair problems. Avoid harsh shampoos, stylizing products, etc.