Hair Care This Summer

Applying a generous helping of sunscreen is a good idea to protect your skin from sun-burn. While sun-block is a solution for your skin care for summer followed by face-packs and gels, we often forget to protect our hair. Hair, which is also a skin type in fact, requires care just like any other part of your body. Hair damage due to sun is one of the most regular problems faced on a summer day, not to deny that damage to hair is much more intense than your skin.

It is just not your hair, but also your scalp if exposed to the sunrays can be burnt with severe consequences. This might even lead to patchy baldness in extreme cases, say some hair experts. Along with summer, come the endless time we spend cooling-off at the swimming pool leading to our hair being exposed to chlorinated water. Dust and pollution are other major factors that can lead to hair damage. Using a conditioner that contains sunscreen in some portions is a must; a diluted sunscreen applied to the exposed scalp is also a good idea.

Contrary to the common belief that washing your hair every day has damaging effect, it is in fact a good practice. Taking a regular through shower on a daily basis is a good hair care regime. Choose your hair care products carefully, as this could be the deciding factor to having healthy head of hair. Washing your hair regularly is also effective in protecting against head boils and dandruff that emerge due to excessive sweating.

Conditioning your hair regularly is also important; treating your hair to light serum can do wonders to your tresses. This step is vital, especially if you suffer from dry hair. The best way to be good to your hair is to treat it as gently as possible. Mild products are the best to have manageable hair and it is always better if they contain a little amount of sunscreen in them. Be sure to cover your hair with a hat or a scarf, as this helps against the harmful sun rays. Alcohol-based products are a big no-no during the summers, as they aggravate the problems further. Lastly, the good old mantra of ‘drinking loads of water’ is a must to keep those lushes locks bouncing.

Urshit Tahir