Galvanic An Effective Blackhead Treatment

Most of us would like to maintain the radiance of skin for which people prefer to do facials in any reputed parlor. A normal facial that cleanse the skin that remove the whiteheads and blackheads by simply steaming the face, that exfoliate and moisturize the skin is enough for those who have normal skin without much blackheads and acne. People with sensitive skin use hypoallergenic cream to moisturize the skin.

However there are more advanced rejuvenating and cleansing techniques available to pamper the skin and off them galvanic spa or facial is found to be highly beneficial for treating blackheads and in revitalizing the skin. Galvanic machines are usually used in spas and facials for blackhead treatment. It works on the principal that the steady direct current emitted from the galvanic machine improves the capacity of the skin to absorb substances and thereby promotes the penetration of skin products through the skin.Galvanic facials thus provide deeper penetration of the active ingredients of the skin products in to the skin than that of the manual application and allow them to work deeper from the skin.It aids to reduce the oiliness of the skin and remove the congestion in the skin pores and helps to get rid of blackheads easily.

Galvanic treatment also improves the blood circulation in the skin and improves the efficiency of all the skin treatments. This is because galvanic treatment lyses the toxins deposits in the tiny capillaries as well as fat that compress the capillaries in the skin. This in turn improves the blood circulation which brings more nutrients and moisture to the skin surface and keeps the skin healthy. Based on the skin type and the problem to be resolved the skin is prepared before starting the facial and for those who are having dry or normal skin a nourishing and hydrating substance is applied besides applying a specialized formulation to start the galvanic treatment. Apart from removing the blackheads galvanic treatments also reduces the wrinkles, cellulite and maintain the skin smoother and tighter in 10 minutes after treatment.

How It Functions

Wash the face and neck with warm water and facial cleanser and then apply a facial toner after pat drying of the skin. Allow the toner to dry completely and before starting the galvanic treatment, gel should be applied on the skin without which the galvanic treatment would not be much effective. The galvanic treatment gel contains antioxidants, moisturizers and peptides and is made up of sea kelp, vanilla extract, marigold etc. This galvanic treatment gel helps to tone and soothe the skin and is formulated with positive or negative charges.

Apply the pre-treatment gel starting from the neckline with upward strokes as it helps to push the gel deeply in to the skin followed by cheekbone areas with upwards strokes. Cover the chin and forehead but it’s advisable to cover a half of them at a time. If the skin becomes dry after the application of the gel then it indicates that the skin absorbs the gel and when the gel gets pushed deep in to the skin the gel stimulates the dermis and nourishes the cells as gel carries a negative charge.

Galvanic machines consist of two polarities called positive or anode and negative or cathode. While undergoing the treatment the person has to hold one electrode and the other should be steered over the skin. First the negative electrode is maneuvered over the pre-treatment gel which also carries a negative charge. Since both the gel and electrode carries the same charge they repel each other and this pushes the gel deep in to the skin. The gel then binds with the impurities and congestions in the skin pores and remains negatively charged and this process is called disincrustation or cleansing step. The heat produced by the negative charges improves the blood circulation and boost the healing.Now the second treatment gel or serum that carries the positive charge is applied on the treatment area and this gel contains vitamin E, arginine, magnesium, aspartate etc which improves the health and pH balance of the skin and bring back the radiance of the skin.

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Then steer the positive electrode of galvanic machine over the treated area which repels the positively charged gel deep in to the skin where the pre-treatment gel along with impurities are present in negatively charged state. Thereafter the negatively charged impurities and gel gets attracted towards the positive electrode and gets pulled upwards. Thus galvanic treatment helps to remove the excess oil, impurities ad blackheads from the skin pores and keeps the skin healthy. This step is called iontophoresis or nutrition step. Based on the type of the serum or gel used it helps to normalize, re-balance or hydrate the skin. The positive current also reduces the redness, swelling and inflammation after penetrating and extracting products in to the skin.

During the treatment the person experience painless tingling over the face and the treatment may last up to 45 minutes in a spa. If there is any blemish or skin injuries then avoid the treatment on such areas as these areas may be more sensitive to currents. Nowadays there are hand held galvanic machines that can be used at home have also been introduced to assist people to carry out the treatment at home. When spas charges $100 to $350 per galvanic treatment, it can be done at home with about $10 for treatment gels.


Pregnant women, nursing mothers, people having high blood pressure, pacemaker, metal implants or metal teeth braces should avoid this treatment. Similarly people with diabetics and circulatory problems should also avoid galvanic treatment. Before starting the galvanic treatment it will be beneficial to discuss with your doctor if you are confused whether the instrument that deploy electric currents is safe for you or not.

Galvanic treatment was used for skin care for the last fifty years without any harmful side effects and with astounding results. It can also be called a non-surgical face lift as the facial muscles get tightened and the blood circulation towards the face improves and nourish the skin. This treatment has an invigorating effect on the skin because it carries toxins out of the skin while carrying nutrients to the skin. Galvanic treatment can be followed once in a month to get a fresh and glowing skin that is devoid of impurities, blackheads, wrinkles, lines and acne.

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