Fruits For Skin Care – Fight The Heat In A Healthy Manner

Fruits For Skin Care Beating the heat during the hot summer can be quite a difficult task. Skin care tips for summer do not only include using beauty products but also eating healthy. To keep your skin glowing during the summer you should drink lots of water. This will prevent your body and skin from being dehydrated.

Dehydration can lead to various side effects such as dizziness, fatigue, headaches, muscle cramping and loss of concentration. You should not drink much of aerated drinks as these are not healthy. Hence to beat the heat in a healthier way and also for skin care you should have plenty of fruits. During the hot summer you can have varieties of fruits that not only provide water to prevent dehydration but also electrolytes that you lose with sweating.

Melons- Juicy and Delicious Fruits

The most popular variety of melon is water melon. This appetizing fruit which is red inside and green on the outside is high on water content. Water melon juice during the hot summer is a soothing drink. It also has high sugar content as thus is sweet to taste. It is rich in minerals especially Calcium. You can apply water melon juice on your face for skin care.

The juice which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals can do wonders for your skin unlike artificial skin care tips. Muskmelon is the second variety of melon which is not much well known but is one of the most amazing fruits available during summer. It is the only fruit that has the property of rehydrating your body and thus is very good for skin care. It is also rich in a variety of Vitamins and Minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Potassium, Iron and Sodium that facilitates skin care.

Berries- Fruits with Flurry of Colors

The berry family offers you a plethora of fruits during the hot summer season to feast on. Berries have a high content of Vitamin C and fibers. Fibers are good for your digestion while Vitamin C is very vital for your body and skin care. The most common fruits in the berry family are strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. These fruits are best consumed raw and not used in any kind of cooking. Cooking of fruits destroys the Vitamins in the heat. Skin care tips would include using the juices of these berries on your face and neck to allow your skin to directly soak the Vitamins.

Other Fruits That You Should Consume

Mangoes are the most sumptuous and coveted fruits during summer. These tasty fruits are high in beta-carotene, fiber and Vitamin C. Bananas are another important fruit that keeps your system cool. Unlike other fruits banana is best when eaten during breakfast. Apple though not a strictly summer fruit is also very good for skin care. The antioxidant qualities present in apples diminishes free radical damage thereby keeping your skin younger and glowing. Thus you have profusion of fruits in summer to consume in order to keep your body and skin healthy.