Fruit Seeds Exfoliator

Exfoliation has become the need of the day. Any beautician will tell you that exfoliation is an important step in keeping the skin looking fresh and young. The dead cells on the surface of the skin clog the pores leading to formation of blackheads and whiteheads. If these aren’t removed on time the result is dull oily skin prone to acne. Hence exfoliation should be part of your daily skin care regime.

Many women complain of the harshness of their exfoliating creams that cause rashes and breakout on delicate skin. But that should not stop you from taking care of your skin. If you don’t find a scrub suitable for your skin try making one for yourself at home. Exfoliating scrubs made with fruit seeds are beneficial for all skin types and are easy to prepare.

Start by collecting seeds from seedy fruits. You could use apple, melon, apricot, orange, grapes and papaya seeds. Dry the seeds in the sun. To extract apricot seeds you will have to first dry the fruit in the sun. Once the apricot hardens extract the seed from the fruit using a knife or a fork. After the seeds are dried, grind them together. Prepare a coarse powder. The seeds act as exfoliantes.

Mix this powder in a liquid facial wash to prepare an exfoliating gel. This gel is for summer use. The liquid wash will clean the skin and the seeds will exfoliate leaving behind a smoother and fresher skin. You can add some mineral water to the mixture if the consistency is too thick. If you want to prepare a scrub for winter, mix the seed powder with a thick facial cream.

You could also use fresh cream from the fridge to prepare an exfoliating cream scrub. While the seeds exfoliate getting rid of flaky skin, the cream will help maintain the balance of essential oils required by your skin during winters. Exfoliating liquid gel and cream can also be used as body scrubs.

After drying and grinding the seeds you can store them in a moisture free jar. Mix them in liquid was or cream as and when required. Daily exfoliation is must for those who go out every day and have to deal with sun and pollution. Seed exfoliation will help you get rid of dead skin cells and pave way for a smooth and supple skin.