Fraxel Laser Treatment To Look Fabulous

Fraxel Laser Treatment Every one of us like to look fabulous and attractive however ageing cause the spoilsport and causes the formation of line, brown spots, scars and damages to the skin and if the skin is not cared properly, it makes you looked aged. Science has evolved a lot and even helps the person to look younger. With the help of one such technology called Fraxel laser treatment you can now look younger.

When compared with cosmetic surgery fraxel laser treatment is a gentler and less intense treatment without any injection and surgery and hence is gaining popularity nowadays. This is a latest technology in which a number of separated microbeams formed by the fractionated laser repairs the damaged skin, spot by spot in minimal downtime.

Benefits Of Fraxel Treatment

Fraxel treatment improves the skin tone by removing the uneven skin color and minimizing the skin pores. Fraxel treatment removes the brown spots, acne scars, freckles, sun damages, surgical scars, melisma, pigmentation etc. It also helps to make the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin smooth and rejuvenate the hands, neck, face and even legs. The fine lines around the eye also fade slowly. After the treatment the skin gradually becomes smooth, fresh and smooth.

Fraxel treatment stimulates the production of collagen and improves the elasticity of the skin and thereby provides healthier and younger skin. Since the laser affects only 20 percent of the skin, the recovery period is minimal. Previously people used to undergo ablative laser treatment that uses either CO2 or Erbium and this treatment involves the removal of the top layer of the skin for resurfacing. Even though ablative laser treatments were highly effective it produces many side effects and also had a lengthy recovery period. Fraxel treatment is considered as a good alternative for old ablative laser treatment.

How Fraxel Treatment Works

Fraxel treatment uses thousands of tiny and deep columns of laser that hit the skin surface and creates thermal impact and the spots of skin hit by fraxel laser are called microthermal zones.  Microthermal zones are separated by healthy and unaffected areas that contain viable cells that encourage speedy recovery of the skin surface. The laser eradicates the pigmented epidermal cells and penetrates deep in to the dermis where it stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production. Even though it treats each and every microthermal zones intensively, laser leaves the surrounding cells intact and unaffected and this fractional laser treatment causes the faster recovery of the skin.

Procedure Of Fraxel Treatment

The plastic surgeon or dermatologist check the area to be treated and wash the face prior to the procedure and then a water soluble tint is applied on the area to be treated which helps to highlight the contours on the skin. Thereafter a topical anesthetic is applied on the affect ted areas and when the anesthetic medicine starts to work then the dermatologist initiate the procedure. During the procedure the doctor passes the laser several times over the affected areas to get the required results.If it’s a full facial treatment then the laser exposure takes 20 to 30 minutes and the entire procedure takes one to two hours.

Once the procedure is completed then the anesthetic medicine and tint is removed from the skin and the dermatologist prescribe pain killer as there will be a mild burning sensation for about an hour after the procedure and thereafter there may be a slight discomfort for a day. Usually this procedure is done as an in office treatment and the patient can leave the hospital on the same day and can even join the work from the next day onwards.

Fraxel Treatment Works

But exposure to sun should be avoided for at least a few weeks. Right after the procedure the skin becomes puffy and red for a day and then it turns to pink for a few more days and then change to tanned or bronzed for a few days to two weeks. Finally skin flakes off naturally as the new skin develops and replaces the dead cells and during this period a moisturizer will help to mask the effects of flaking.

Women can wear makeup if required from the next day of the procedure onwards and men can continue their shaving from next morning. However it is vital to wear sunscreen at least two times a day especially while going out to protect the skin from the sun damages. Sunscreen should be applied during the healing period and even better would be to continue for several months after the procedure. A sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or above is considered ideal for protecting the skin. Usually the results are seen just after a single treatment but most of the people require at least three treatments for optimum results.

In order to get the superb results for patients with substantial skin damage they should undergo at least five sittings of fraxel treatment in two to four weeks gap and the number of sittings and space between each sitting varies from patient to patient. Usually fraxel treatment result in resurfacing of the skin to the extent of 15 to 20 percent during each session and post treatment the condition of the skin improves day by day and a noticeable improvement can be observed in two to three months. More over this improvement will continue for a year. In order to maintain the results the patients have to undergo the treatment once in a year and skin should be properly taken care with sunscreen and moisturizers.

Results of the fraxel treatment vary from person to person because some people have good healing abilities than others while for some others fraxel treatment won’t work properly. If you are not getting the desired results then ensure that you consulted a doctor and not a technician in a beauty spa and change the dermatologist if required. Since fraxel treatment is an expensive treatment better do it with an expert dermatologist. The risk for infection or scarring is limited with the area which underwent fraxel treatment. Fraxel treatment is one of the best beauty treatments that can illuminate your skin.