Few Easy Steps To Treat Nail Fungus

Nail fungal infection is the most common disease of nail. This infection can happen on both fingernails and toenails. Elderly people are more prone to nail fungal infection than the younger generations.Causes of the nail infection can be many – injury, heavy sweating, heredity, humid weather, tight foot wear, lack of hygiene, diabetes,  etc.  Infected nails thicken and the edges start crumbling. Nails break easily in this condition.

A microscopic organism called fungi is responsible for this type of infection. Fungi do not need sunlight to live on. Candida is one of the commonest of the fungi that causes the infection. Symptoms of nail fungal infections are thickening, brittleness of nail, crumbling and the nails get a ragged, distorted, dull, and darker in appearance with a yellowish color.

Whatever may be the reason and symptoms it should be dealt as soon as possible. Take professional help for diagnosis. In treating nail fungus, alternative medicine has become popular. To keep it under control or to prevent it keep your nail clean and maintain a good hygiene.

Mix some salt and boil water and wash your nails with warm salt water. Salt has a natural power to heal up infection. You can also add neem or basil leaves in the water as these have antiseptic properties. Take a small and soft toothbrush and use it to remove dirt accumulated in the corners of the nails.

Mouthwash has an antiseptic property which kills bacteria. Soak a cotton ball in a mouthwash and use it to moisten your nails. Let it stay there for some period. Vinegar also has a antiseptic quality. Use it in the same way as mouthwash. Tea-tree oil is famous for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

There is perhaps no other natural medicine that works so effectively on fungal infection. You may apply it either raw or in diluted form. Essential oils of lavender, jojoba, sandalwood and basil have antiseptic quality. Apply one of this oil raw on the wound to get rid off fungal infection.

But if the problem persists and the situation gets complicated you have to take the advice of a specialist. Medicines are easily available in the health store. But that should be taken and dosage should be set by the doctor.