Face Wash and Scrubs: Cleansers Section Criterion

No woman on planet earth exists who doesn’t feel jeopardy while purchasing cosmetics. Since there are numerous brands available in market it becomes all the more thorny to take the right decision, for the best suitable cosmetic complimenting our skin tone.

However there are some basis guidelines we all can follow while making purchase of face wash and scrubs, the skin cleansing cosmetics.

Face wash:

There are plentiful face wash types available for different skin types, hence primarily recognize your skin type and make selection on the basis of face wash classification. Face washes are meant to replace the creams and helps in combating the oils and dust deposit in pores.

However it is necessary to concentrate on the content of face wash, it should not be to harsh on skin creating dryness, rather it should be in light liquid form, when applied turns into soft foam and rejuvenate the skin naturally rather than resulting in dramatic change.

Also make sure that face wash contains major portion of natural ingredient like fruit extracts, rose water, and apricot or jojoba oil, for the natural healing effects. Working woman who are exposed to pollution or dust, must use face wash containing the citric acids, since this fights the intractable dirt very well without have any negative effect.


Now day’s scrubs come in very smooth form, just some natural ingredient’s particles to facilitate the skin and to refrain the dead skin cells. However one must always keep in mind, that excess use of scrubs can also have adverse effects such as dryness, pulling the skin in excess leading to wrinkles.  Hence selection of appropriate scrub form is advocated.

Scrub containing rosehip seeds or apricot seeds scrubs are  quite widely known. Apart from these two one can also use cranberry granules scrub, this has advantage of healing the damaged skin as well as natural ingredient to moisturize.  For sensitive skin types best recommended is  horse chestnut scrub, not merely gentle on skin but its natural extracts has direct impact on the facial muscles and relaxing.

Finally regardless of what ingredient your scrub has, its application schedule should be only every two to three weeks. Also the use of scrub is not recommended for people with acne and pimple skin, since instead of healing it facilitates the septic and pigmentation.